How Miguel Illidge Rose to the Top and Uses His Position to Bring Others to His Level

The road to success takes people on a long and arduous journey. To prepare themselves, people have to equip themselves with the right tools, equipment, and knowledge to succeed. However, they often overlook things like discipline and guidance. Miguel Illidge is an individual whose ambitions have led him to learn the values needed to grow and is giving back to help others with similar dreams.

Miguel Illidge is the senior vice president of Primerica, one of the leading financial services companies in the United States. His position and success serve as a standard for others looking to imitate his achievements. However, his journey comes from humble beginnings.

Born in Colombia, Miguel would dream of making a better life for himself. He knew that staying would not bring him closer to his dreams, so Miguel set his goals to moving to the United States. Working on getting himself to America, he eventually made the leap and arrived in the Land of the Free around 2007. Rather than tour around and enjoy the sights, Miguel immediately set himself to find work, knowing that there would be plenty of time to go sightseeing once he achieved his goals.

For the next couple of years, Miguel Illidge would jump from one job to another, earning as much as possible to propel himself towards the next part of his plans. He worked in valet parking and delivery for a liquor store before moving on as a cashier at a fast-food restaurant and LED lighting sales rep. Eventually, Miguel got his big break when he joined Primerica.

Miguel initially joined to get his licenses sponsored as he had plans of leaving for another financial institution but decided to stay and learn. The decision paid off as Miguel quickly rose to the position of regional vice president and later senior vice president. 

When asked how he became the company’s top leader, Miguel shared how he worked by his No Days Off philosophy. Along with his self-development and self-discipline, Miguel worked under the company’s policies. “I decided to give this business opportunity all my focus because, for the first time in my life, I saw people having the lifestyle I always wanted to have, and they were willing to invest their time in me,” he explained.

Today he enjoys a seven-figure income and drives a sales force of over 2,500 licensed agents nationwide, with eleven under his direction. Miguel has also developed ten more leaders with six-figure incomes. He is currently training them to improve and reach seven figures. 

Determined to put his company before his personal gains, Miguel Illidge stands on a league of his own. He is projecting over sixteen new offices in different states by the end of the year. Additionally, Miguel plans to double his team’s production and their income with an endgame of bringing over a hundred people on his team, making seven figures a year and 6,000 making six figures. He foresees significant growth in the company, with over 50,000 licensed agents and over 200 offices in the United States serving the community.

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