How Moch Akbar Azzihad M is Making His Mark in the Startup Industry

Starting a business, especially in the financial sector, can be challenging. While it can be lucrative, there is a lot of work and preparation involved, and even the slightest error or oversight can create irrecoverable setbacks. This means you always have to keep your head in the game, and go beyond set limitations if you want to achieve your goals, a theory perfectly proven by Moch Akbar Azzihad M.

At just 24 years old, Akbar, alias DailyAbay, is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of a leading digital banking platform, Converco. Together with his team, they help people safely manage their finances with their blockchain technology that digitalizes all transactions making them accessible and risk-free. Currently, Converco has branches in Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Abay is also a crypto expert and the owner of several startups. He has founded ByGazz Racing, a spare parts shop for sports cars and racing bikes, and a top digital marketing agency DGRCRV.

Despite facing countless challenges, Abay has not let that define his future, and he is now using his story to inspire other young entrepreneurs. Growing up, Abay always wanted to one day start a business. This desire led him to join the entrepreneurial space at a young age.

After finished high school, he began to look for ways to make his dream a reality. With no working experience and very little resources, he set up his first business selling spare parts. He later expanded his venture bringing in T-shirts, customized hoodies, and caps.

At the same time, Abay was also trading crypto and using the money he made he started his second company, DGRCRV. Abaysays one of the reasons that inspired him to establish Convercowas his experience with different digital platforms, and he wanted to provide a safer option.

At the beginning of Abay’s trading and mining ventures, he lost a lot of money. Abay received payments using PayPal, and there was one instance where he had a large number of orders to send to different clients. However, that didn’t go as smoothly as he had intended, and the clients wanted to return the goods. Unfortunately, this led to more challenges, greatly threatening Abay’s success as the goods returned were not the same as he had sent.

He sent many disputes to PayPal for the failed payments, and with not much help, Abay couldn’t help but lose. Looking back, he says that while it was a sad story and he lost around $500,000, the experience opened his eyes, inspiring him to think outside the box.

Abay wanted to provide a long-lasting solution where entrepreneurs could trade safely without worrying about payments. A few years later, he launched Converco. With no investors or any financial help, Abay has scaled Converco, opening branches in different parts of the world. As he continues to thrive, his other startups are also doing very well, allowing him to cement his place in the industry.

Success is a long-term journey, and there are always obstacles along the way, says Abay. However, you do not have to let that stop you from attaining your goals. With hard work and determination, anything is attainable.

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