How Robo-Pets Are Taking Pet Ownership Into the Modern Age

Everyone loves pets. Whether it’s because of the cuteness factor or because of the unconditional love pets lavish on their owners, pets are a worldwide hit. Yet, what a lot of people don’t realize is just how great pets are for personal health and wellbeing. Everyone – seniors, in particular – can benefit from owning pets, be it in physical or emotional ways.

However, sometimes it becomes impractical or just impossible for seniors to own pets. That’s where animatronic pets come in. Like real pets, animatronic pets heap love and loyalty on their owner. Unlike real pets, animatronic pets don’t need food, water, or exercise. 

Robotic Animals

Put simply, robotic animals are puppy, cat, or even seal-like companion robots. Designed using artificial intelligence, robotic animals capture all of the great things about pet ownership while also leaving perceived negatives in the past, making the benefits of pet ownership truly limitless.

Tombot has designed an animatronic dog named Jennie that is proving to be a worldwide hit. Designed for seniors but loved by all, Jennie is transforming the lives of senior citizens one cuddle at a time. Touching Jennie is like touching a real-life dog; however, Jennie doesn’t require constant care like any normal pet. 

This is because Jennie is a robotic dog. Under Jennie’s fur, 50 sensors are located just beneath the surface. The sensors are ready and waiting to respond to how soft or vigorously Jennie is being touched. Thanks to in-built microphones, once Jennie is touched or given a command, she’ll respond promptly and accordingly. Jennie is really like any other dog. Except, for seniors, she’s much better. 

Robotic Animals and Seniors 

Thanks to modern research, it’s becoming no secret just how beneficial pets are in the lives of seniors. By exercising with pets, seniors are simultaneously improving their cardiovascular health and reducing stress levels, while the constant love and companionship that pets provide are doing wonders for the mental health of seniors. 

However, there comes a time when seniors can no longer look after pets. Whether it’s for physical reasons like poor health or situational reasons like moving to a retirement community, some seniors are forced to say goodbye to their pets. This also means they must also say goodbye to the physical and mental benefits of pet ownership. 

During a time when seniors need their pets the most, saying goodbye is no longer the only option. Thanks to inventions like Jennie, pet ownership can last forever, providing seniors with unconditional affection, keeping them engaged, and renewing their sense of purpose. 

With Jennie, the negatives of pet ownership simply cease to exist. By not needing any exercise, mobility concerns for seniors go out the window. Additionally, by not needing food or vet check-ups, seniors no longer have the financial burden of caring for a pet. 

Robotic Animals and Dementia 

With a growing number of the population being affected by dementia, it’s become increasingly important to try and improve the quality of life for people suffering from this disease. Luckily, Jennie can help. 

Research has linked animal-assisted therapy to improvements in the moods of those suffering from dementia. In fact, time spent with robotic pets like Jennie also lowers levels of depression and agitation. Highlighting the importance of technology in pet ownership. 

A Final Word 

Sometimes, the world of technology can be a bit abrasive for seniors. However, with inventions like Jennie, the tech world is slowly becoming more friendly to the senior population. This can only mean good news as technology attempts to connect with and contribute to the lives of seniors. 

The creation of Jennie is the first step towards making the lives of seniors easier. In Jennie, seniors have a companion who makes them feel loved and protected without having to give much back. Instead of spending time and money helping to care for Jennie, the only currency seniors have to spend on her is love. 

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