How These Entrepreneurs Hit 1 Million in 8 Months

If you are under the age of 25, you’ve probably seen Magnet Mount ads on Instagram. Weiss’s and Dantez’s venture has reached over 30 million people and has captured more than 40,000 customers – and sales are still rolling in. From a traffic standpoint, Magnet Mount’s website has been visited over 1 million times.

Recently, I was able to sit down with Cooper Weiss and Gavin Dantez from Magnet Mount to get the inside scoop on how their business has been able to pull such incredible numbers.  Here’s what they had to say:

What Is Magnet Mount?

Magnet Mount sells unique LUX car mounts and cell phone accessories. These products have blown up on social media. The original Magnet Mount was one of the top trending products of 2017. The sleek design and the ease of use made it an instant winner in the car mount space, and the wireless charging Magnet Mount is poised for a similar success in 2018 as so many people have upgraded to the new technology. Their newest product is a smart charger, which is already saving phone batteries all over the world.

Why Are Magnet Mount’s Products So Successful?

Weiss and Dantez credit their success to a combination of product and content development along with generating buzz and brand loyalty: “We sell products that people really want, we create amazing content, we’ve optimized our website to drive conversions, and this allows quality traffic to pour in. Plus, we get a ton of repeat customers who just love the brand.”

What Is Magnet Mount’s Product Development Process?

Fundamentally, it boils down to three major criteria, Weiss and Danetz said. They look for three important criteria when picking products to create or sell, as these constitute their philosophy for the item. Products should be easy to use, solve a problem, and beautiful: if you get that combination right, you have a higher chance of success.

How’d You Get off the Ground?

Cooper Weiss already had experience in e-commerce: He and his former business partner successfully leveraged the fidget spinner trend as it went viral. He then paired up with Gavin Dantez, who was well known in e-commerce for his conversion skills and marketing psychology. Their skill sets and personalities were a perfect match, which they credit for their rapid growth.

“We love the process of building a business, taking it from an idea to creating to tens of thousands of happy customers,” Weiss said. Dantez added, “The best part is, when you learn the system, you can do it over and over and each time it gets easier.”

What’s on the Horizon?

Keep an eye on these two: they have more businesses in the works, and they plan to offer services that assist other e-commerce businesses to scale up and develop enterprise systems. Cooper told me, “We are helping our business clients drastically increase their conversions, drive higher-quality traffic, increase their customer lifetime value, and optimize the process. Once you learn the process, you can just rinse and repeat.”

What Do You Think Sets You Apart From the Competition?

As serial entrepreneurs, Cooper and Gavin have experienced successes from growing different businesses, but they have also gained wisdom from failing at others.

Gavin added, “We have real experience finding out what works and doesn’t work. What we do isn’t just theory. Much of the time, what you think will work actually doesn’t. You have to be willing to let go of any attachment and just find and do what actually works. You can either do that through trial and error, or you can hire people to shortcut the process. Both ways work, but one just takes way longer and costs you more resources.”

They impressed me with their scientific approach to advertising and scaling. In their approach, nothing is left to chance: Everything is about testing, optimizing, and systematizing.

“Lots of problems will come up in any business. But the more systems you create for each area of your business, the fewer problems you will face and the more predictable your income becomes,” Cooper told me. Gavin emphasized, “That’s why entrepreneurs hire us because they are sick of random results – they want a system that actually works.”

Some Tips That Work

Finally, I asked Cooper and Gavin to give readers a few tips that can help aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs succeed.

Here’s what they said:

  1. Find products that people want! Don’t sell what you think they need. This is a huge issue. Entrepreneurs get attached to their products because they think people need them. But most of the time the customer doesn’t care. Everything is a test, so find what people passionately respond to, and then scale those products.
  2. Increase your product page conversions! If you go from 2% to 4% conversions, you can double your revenue overnight. If want to outspend your competition, you need to make sure you are profitable on cold traffic. Then you can scale fast. Product images, your copy, your testimonials, the colors on your site, the flow…  all of it matters. This is part of what separates us from our competition. 
  3. Get high-quality traffic! To win the traffic game, you gotta align with the traffic source. For Facebook ads, you must understand what Facebook wants. They want highly engaging content that makes their users happy and keeps them on the platform. At the same time, they want you to sell and make money. The solution? Create original content that is entertaining, informational, and shareable. Tag, comment, and share worthy content. Then, have a good call to action that increases the clickthrough rate to a product page that is proven convert.

Find products that complement or are adjacent to your winning products to increase the customer lifetime value. This can be done as an upsell directly on the site, or follow up with text, messenger bot, or you can email your list new offers. When you build your list, you can now earn without spending on ads, and the bigger the list, if done right… the more you earn per email.

These were incredible tips for entrepreneurs looking to build or scale their e-commerce store.

If you want to find out more about Cooper and Gavin, follow them on Instagram: @Cooper and @GavinDantez

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