How This Entrepreneur Became a Pioneer in the Trading Cards Gaming Niche

Trading cards like Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering have been incredibly popular since the 1990s. Even before that, things like baseball cards have been traded for decades. Today, they still enjoy widespread popularity. One company, FJ Holdings, has taken advantage of the trading cards market and become a wildly successful industry leader for distributing trading cards and accessories on a pay-on-scan/vendor managed inventory basis.

The man behind FJ Holdings is James Khuri. As CEO, he has led this company for over 15 years, and helped it enjoy enormous profits, which has cemented it at the top of the trading cards industry.

Who Is James Khuri

Khuri is a passionate entrepreneur who has strived continuously to unlock greater and greater success. These days, he focuses his business efforts on real estate, brick and mortar distribution, and e-commerce. These are industries he thoroughly enjoys, and it shows with the level of commitment he has to not only increasing the bottom line, but developing strong working relationships. James loves business and receives immense satisfaction and fulfillment due to the success stemming from sound business decisions.

Khuri is eternally motivated. He is always seeking to climb higher and achieve his ultimate potential. So far, he has been guiding his businesses, like FJ Holdings, in a way that has cemented it as an industry leader.

What Is FJ Holdings

Simply put, FJ Holdings is a category manager of trading cards and related accessories. This business, run by Khuri, focuses on distributing merchandise on a pay-on-scan/vendor managed inventory basis. That means it distributes, services, and manages a number of different merchandise lines for some of the biggest names in the trading cards niche, including Topps, Pokemon, and Mattel.

Khuri helped make FJ Holdings a pioneer in the trading cards niche by developing strong working relationships with the company’s clients and vendors. Doing so added an element of humanness into every interaction, agreement, and transaction. A business is nothing without the people behind it, and Khuri’s leadership has helped guide FJ Holdings as a business that sees the people behind the business. This company philosophy has led to both meeting and surpassing sales and merchandising objectives, year after year.

Today, FJ Holdings distributes and manages inventory to a wide array of retailers across the United States. This long list includes such heavyweight as FYE/TransWorld Entertainment, Books-A-Million, Wegmans, Dunham’s, and Magic Mart.

Being able to distribute and manage a massive inventory has required FJ Holdings to design a highly-sophisticated internal structure of a multi-tier management force, while using state-of-the-art technology and CRM/ERP systems. This has allowed the Khuri’s company to become a major distributor of trading cards on a pay-on-scan basis.

The unique industry expertise that FJ Holdings owns has allowed it to become the go-to source for trading cards and accessories. It is dedicated to continuous process improvement, while also vowing to hold onto its position at the top of the entire trading cards industry niche.

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