How to Buy TikTok Views That Are Real

How to Buy Real TikTok Views

There’s be an uptick in people buying TikTok views to promote their accounts.

But, why?

If you’ve got your brand online on social media platforms like TikTok, it’s all about authority.

This means that the more genuine engagement you have on that platform, such as views, the more engagement you’ll get from new and potential followers, which will automatically build your authority.

However, when you’ve got many different resources out there to choose from in the social media marketing industry, how do you know which ones are worth your time? TikTok is a pretty awesome social media app, and it’s proven popular amongst the younger generation so far.

It’s awesome because it’s one of the few social media platforms left where it’s relatively easy to still grow a decent fanbase, without having to spend your entire day working on it.

At this point, with apps like Instagram, it’s pretty much impossible to stand out and get ahead with ever-changing algorithms that severely restrict the exposure of your content.

If you’ve ever tried any of the resources that you can find in the social media marketing industry, you might have simply googled what to look for, and gone for the first one on the list. The results? Lots of new views on your content, which does make your account look good for a little while.

However, it’s not long before these views drop off again, or don’t match up with your engagement rate (Your engagement rate is the ratio of followers you have to views and likes). If you’ve got lots of views on your content, but not a lot of followers, this is going to look a little bit suspicious.

In contrast, the opposite is true, as well. You can have a lot of TikTok followers on your list, but if you don’t have that many people who are regularly interacting with your content, this is also going to look like the followers aren’t genuine.

It’s all about finding that perfect balance, and these days you can only achieve this if your views and followers are real.

Translate all of this, and apply it to TikTok. It’s the same principles, just a different social media app. You need your views and followers to sync up. Otherwise, it’s going to be obvious that they aren’t real.

Let’s take a look at the best places to buy real TikTok views and also why it’s important to buy real views for your TikTok growth – while they might cost a bit more, they’re worth every penny.

The Best Sites to Buy TikTok Views

Let’s take a look at my top three favorite companies where you can buy TikTok views so that you can make a real difference to your exposure on the world’s most popular social media sharing app, and you can effortlessly increase your social proof without looking spammy.

1. Tokupgrade – Buy Real TikTok Views

Buy TikTok views - Tokupgrade
Tokupgrade is the #1 service on the market to buy TikTok views from

Tokupgrade is one of those companies that just seems to be able to do it all, including, of course, being able to help you get real views on your TikTok content.

Before you begin with them, make sure you know what kind of people you want to be viewing your content, which in turn will help you decide what type of communities you want to be interacting with.

This way, Tokupgrade can get nice and specific when they begin to help you. I don’t think that mass marketing is necessarily the most effective social media marketing strategy anymore, which is why their service is so effective.

Tokupgrade is an excellent tool for developing a unique, organic growth strategy to help you get more views on your content.

All you have to do is talk to your account manager about what kind of viewers you’re hoping to attract, and they can do the rest. They will do things like following, like, and engage with others for you, often those who have similar content to your own. This way, you will start to see results almost immediately.

Their prices are completely reasonable, and they have some pretty great customer support, too, as I mentioned briefly above. Honestly, they’re one of the best you could go for, without a doubt.

Tokupgrade is also one of those companies that like to take the security of their clients very seriously.

This means that they will keep your account information and data safe, and won’t share it with anyone else. If you have sent them the right information, you can expect to see growth within a day or two of using them.

2. Toksocial

Buy TikTok views - Toksocial
Toksocial provides real TikTok views

Toksocial is the second recommendation on our list for high-quality views on your TikTok content, and one of the best things about this social growth company is that they follow the TikTok guidelines around third-party usage to a T, so there’s absolutely no risk when using them.

This means that they are one of the most professional companies out there, and they are highly respected in their community of existing clients.

There’s no way that they can get your account deleted or blocked, and they won’t cause you to get red-flagged by TikTok. Another thing that I really appreciate about Toksocial is that they offer a personal account manager to each and every client who signs up.

This means that you can talk to one person the entire time, and not get bounced around a team who might not know your specific needs. Their personal account managers are there to understand your target market, growth goals, and the niche that you’re looking to connect with.

All of this is going to help you get real views on your content so that you can get that social proof through the roof.

3. Tokcaptain

Buy TikTok views - Tokcaptain
Buy real TikTok views from Tokcaptain

It’s hard to know out of these three which is the best because they’re all so close when it comes to helping their clients with buying more TikTok views.

They claim that they are the number one way to get more views on your TikTok account, and judging by their existing reputation, I’m inclined to believe they are up there.

They promise that everything they do for their clients is genuine, and they can see results almost immediately.

Just like Tokupgrade, it’s difficult to fault a company like this who goes the extra mile for their clients. As well as being able to buy TikTok views, you can also buy real TikTok followers, too.

Why Does Buying TikTok Views Damage Your Brand?

Why Does Buying TikTok Views Damage Your Brand?
Buying fake TikTok views damages your brand

When you’ve got your brand on social media accounts like TikTok, the more social proof and authority you’ve got, the better your brand will do.

Social proof is a marketing theory that helps you build authority around a service or product. In the world of TikTok, this can usually mean that people go out and buy TikTok views to increase their social proof.

The results of social proof are typically being able to win over clients, as they grow to trust your brand and what it’s offering. This is done through being able to match their expectations of the product or service based on what they see through your social media content.

One of the best ways to garner social proof for your brand is to utilize your existing community and how they feel about it. The more that this community interacts with and endorses your product or service organically, the more new clients who don’t know your brand very will be willing to try it out.

This is evidently why engagement is the most important part of developing social proof for your brand online. You want people to organically view your content and leave comments on it that imply they already believe in the product or service and are a testament to this.

Of course, advertisers and marketers are always on the lookout for this type of engagement on posts.

When they’re looking for a potential brand ambassador, they don’t want to see fake views that you’ve bought on your content – that might look great on a surface level, but it is really doing nothing but giving your audience a false impression of your popularity.

Remember, it’s your engagement rate that makes or breaks you, not how many people follow you. This means that you’ve got to have those TikTok views match up with everything else. Otherwise, you’re not going to find brands that will want to work with you.

Naturally, the more views you have on your content that has been made by real people, the better your content is going to look to potential advertisers.

Remember, you can still have a low number of followers but a genuinely high number of views on your TikTok content if you’ve got an excellent relationship with the people that already follow you.

Why Is Authenticity Important on TikTok?

As well as social proof, authenticity is a big part of why some people do so well on TikTok, and others don’t.

One of the things that TikTok has that other platforms like Instagram don’t is authenticity. When you go to your Instagram feed, what do you see? A bunch of edited photos that tell stories of lives that we couldn’t possibly achieve for ourselves?

TikTok has changed this in a big way. Most of the content that you’ll find on TikTok is made by everyday, regular folks, who might edit their videos with a bit of sound, but the buck stops there.

This means that they’re a lot easier to relate to, and, most importantly, they’re being authentic. They’re not trying to portray a life that’s unrealistic to achieve for the 99% – they’re simply expressing who they are and sharing it with the world.

In fact, authenticity is so important on TikTok that more and more of the younger generation will ‘cancel’ you if they don’t think you’re authentic enough. The last thing anyone wants is for someone to come in and ruin the authenticity of TikTok, and people are very protective about this.

What Happens When the Views You Buy Aren’t Real

Of course, the only people who can possibly know the ins and outs of TikTok’s algorithm is TikTok itself, but based on hearsay and what we’ve seen on Instagram, we’re inclined to believe that things are pretty similar over here.

TikTok isn’t a big fan of seeing purchased, fake views on people’s videos, which means that there’s a good chance they will block users who are showing a lot of fake views.

TikTok is also most likely on the lookout for profiles that have large followings but not that many views on their content. If they think that your profile looks too spammy, they will limit your content from being seen by others.

How Can You Buy TikTok Views Safely?

Don’t worry, though: it’s not all doom and gloom out there, and if you know where to look, you can find some pretty awesome companies where you can buy real TikTok views for your content.

More often than not, though, you’re going to come across companies that fall well short of what you really need for your TikTok growth, so that you can get the views required to make a great impression with your community, and establish your social proof.

Below, you’ll see three options, which I think are some of the best that you can find in the industry, not only because they can help you out with buying TikTok views, but because they’ve got an excellent existing reputation among their clients.

They also have excellent customer support, which is essential in an industry like this.

Final Thoughts on Buying TikTok Views

It’s easier than you might think to get drawn into the idea of a company that offers overnight success. However, the reality is that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to do a little bit more than simply purchase your engagement – you still need to put in the work, and this includes creating awesome content that your real community is going to love looking at.

By making the most of the companies that we’ve talked about above and remembering what’s most important on TikTok these days, you’ve got every chance of getting more views on your TikTok content – the right way.

Remember to check out any free trials, and always tread with caution. You want to come across as authentic when you buy TikTok views, so find a company that can reflect this need.

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