How to Ignore the Haters, Pursue Passion, and Emerge Stronger Than Ever

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Shane Gregoire is barely old enough to vote, but he has already been in business much longer than many flash-in-the-pan startups. Rocket Powered Sound, the first company he founded, offers software to facilitate creativity. Aimed at EDM (electronic dance music) producers, the software helps producers improve sound design and music production skills in a faster and more efficient way than the competition.

In addition to developing a useful product that underlies some of the most exciting music – and therefore, memories – today, Shane has become a skilled marketer as well. In scaling his company up, he has learned how to market in a variety of channels.  

However successful he is, the present represents a dramatic change from Shane’s life a few years ago. At 15, he enjoyed some success with a YouTube channel. Most people can agree that high school is no fun, but for Shane, it became torture just as his career took off. As his fortunes rose in business, they declined in high school: Bizarrely, his classmates understood his success as a reason to bully him. Shane describes being dropped by his friends, laughed at, having food thrown at him in the cafeteria, and being ostracized. Some might have been broken, but Shane persisted and immersed himself even more in his business and his passions.

Shane reframed this horrible situation by understanding it as a major turning point in his life. Today, Shane says, “I had a burning motivation to prove everyone wrong, so that’s what I did.” He doubled down on expanding his knowledge, and is now very peaceful and forgiving of those who hurt him to the point that he is grateful for the bullying: “The adversity built an extremely strong confidence in myself and everything that I do, and looking back I couldn’t be more grateful for everything that happened.”

In recent years, Shane has begun scaling up even more, hiring a team to work with him on the areas of the business he was not an expert in. This has allowed for even more success across both his software products as well as in his YouTube channel. The next time you rock out to EDM, consider how Shane’s story shows that adversity can sometimes create the kind of pressure that makes diamonds. Because he saw the bullying and hate as a challenge, rather than as an immutable obstacle, he was able to transform it to his advantage. He stayed true to himself and kept grinding away at his goal to create some of the best software and professional development tips available to EDM producers. He was also smart enough to realize when he was exceeding his expertise and developed a team to cover all the areas of the business. Because of how popular his software has become and how many people have made positive memories thanks to the music it has produced, it is clear that the world is better off for Shane’s perspicacity.

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