How to Make Money With Email Marketing Even Without a Website

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Do you want to earn money online, email marketing is simple and fast and might just be the best option for you to make money online. But firstly what is email marketing? Email marketing is simply sending a commercial message to people via email. Do I need a website/blog to start email marketing?

The short answer is NO though with a website/blog email marketing becomes easier, you can also get online with social media, guest posts and also posting on open platforms like a medium.

How to get started with email marketing

Step 1: Get a reliable email marketing platform/service. (MOST IMPORTANT)

This is the most important step because getting a reliable email marketing platform/service is very essential and if you end up using the wrong email marketing platform your email marketing journey would not be as smooth as expected but with the right email marketing platform like Constant Contact, you will be heading for straight success.

And for those who are new to the email marketing world we would recommend Constant Contact because of its great features and reliability, however, if you are just starting you will probably have no money for an email marketing platform/service but don’t worry Constant Contact has you covered with their 60 days free trial no credit card required 


The email marketing platform/service has the responsibility of creating and designing your email forms and storing your email data, so just imagine after 3 years of successful email marketing of about 40,000 subscribers generating $10,000 per month and one day you just wake up and all your email subscribers are all of them are gone for no reason and then you will be back to square 1 with 3 years wasted, how painful will that be, that’s why we recommend Constant Contact because we also use them and we’ve not had any problem with them so far you can start the free trial with the link above to test them your self, no credit card is required, just your email.

After registration for the email marketing platform, the first thing to do is send your first test email to yourself, a friend or anyone else, but make sure you send a test email and also to get familiar with it before your first campaign.

Before we proceed to Step 2 let me show you how to earn with email marketing with or without a website/blog: You can earn a lot of money with email marketing even as a beginner so here are some ways to earn with email marketing.

Affiliate Marketing:

You can earn a lot of money with email marketing even as a beginner so here are some ways to earn with email marketing.

Selling AD (advertisement) Space:

Selling AD space is easier because you will get paid whether you generate a sale or not, Companies and Individuals will simply pay you to get their advertisement in your email content, though it may not pay as high as affiliate marketing you can also combine both methods to yield greater results.

Sell Physical and Digital Products:

You can also sell your own physical or digital product with email marketing especially if it’s related to your email marketing content, it’s simple all you need to do is place an AD of the product in your content, Looking for an idea? Try selling online courses.

Step 2: Building your email list

Most people consider building an email list as the hardest part of email marketing but we do not because we believe with the right email practices you will get through this part smoothly, here are some of the ways we convert our audience to potential subscribers:

Offer Incentive:

Offering incentive is a very effective method in email marketing because people won’t give their email until they see an advantage, so if you offer them an incentive they will see a reason to join your list, examples of incentives: E-books, content upgrade e.t.c

Host Giveaways:

Just like offering incentives, hosting giveaways is also very effective because this time you are giving a cash prize and you collect their email at the point of entry or anywhere else, the cash prize don’t have to be too big but remember the bigger the prize the bigger the opt-ins.

Create a quiz.

A user can also participate in a quiz for fun meanwhile you just want their email, utilize this method very well for good results, it is also an effective method.

For website/blog owners here are some bonus tips:

Integrate email pop-ups.

Place newsletter in strategic places on your website

Display newsletter form on exit intent

Step 3: Sending your email campaign

After Choosing a reliable email marketing platform/service and building your email list the next step is sending your email campaign, this is actually the easiest step especially when you have a reliable email marketing platform/service as explained in Step 1,

Here are some useful tips to get you started:

Always create original and relevant content.

Use an attractive topic/headline.

Use bold and engaging CTA button (Call-To-Action button)

Do not use no-reply email addresses

Finally, Email marketing is best for you to get started as a beginner because websites/blogs these days have low success rates with over 1 billion blogs and most of them realistically over 90 per cent of them are not getting traffic, but don’t get me wrong it is also very possible to start a blog and succeed but I advice you use both email marketing and blogging conjointly to yield better results and don’t ignore email marketing as most people do.

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