How to Make Your Event Unforgettable? Ask Runway Waiters.

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Whether you plan to host a once in a lifetime, dream event or whether you plan to host just a regular social bash- making that event a success is an absolute. What is key to any successful event is the effective staffing services that one employs, and thus, what better option than one of the most renowned event staffing companies in NYC- Runway Waiters!

This top-tier promotional agency is no ordinary event staffing company, their aim to add glitz, glamor, and sophistication to any event- large or small- has been acknowledged by major companies like Ferrari, Ralph Lauren, and Louis Vuitton as well as worldwide acclaimed organizations like Google and Facebook. Thus, it is clear that the services provided by Runway Waiters are very sought-after, given the elegance and suave that their team brings to any event, for any occasion.  

What has made Runway Waiters one of the most acclaimed event staffing companies in NYC is their ability to build rapport with the top professional model agencies in the United States. The agency has collaborations with model management companies like IMG Models, Elite Model Management, NEXT Management, Ford Models, and Wilhelmina International Inc., to name a few. Runway Waiters provides a range of services not limited to brand promotion, bar-tending, hosting, and serving.

Thus, an added impetus of this event staffing company is that its collaboration with professional models- whose fame is evident from social media platforms and billboards- adds the required flamboyance and charm to their client’s events.

It is thus no surprise that big organizations like Google and Facebook have partnered with Runway Waiters. Runway Waiters books professional models whose capacities go beyond just looks. These professionals are well adept at communicating and engaging clients.

Competency in the same is important given that a demonstration of products, interaction with potential clients, and easy engagement of potential customers and investors in a conversation, are all vital for the success of any event, especially if a business convention. Thus, the professional models become the face of their client company at a particular event, which is where Runway Waiters’ partnership with top modelling management agencies becomes significant.

At the core of an effective staffing company in NYC, like Runway Waiters, are values of creativity, meticulousness, integrity, and the ability to build strong, meaningful relationships with clients. Client satisfaction is what drives Runway Waiters; their mission is to always help their clients showcase nothing but the best.  

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