How to Pick the Right Packaging Solution for Your Goods

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When choosing the packaging materials for your goods, one can never go wrong if they pay close attention to the details. After all, the packaging is one of the biggest factors that help make your products a success, be it custom mailer boxes, eyelash boxes, or rigid packaging. 

With the right packaging, not only can you lure your target customers, but you are also able to keep your goods safe throughout their journey from the warehouse to the retail outlets. 

A chic design and top-notch printing are essential elements for any piece of product packaging. Functionality is another important aspect that one should bear in mind. Here we will aid you to pick the right packaging for your product that will set it apart from others to attain success after leaving your facility. 

Below is a list of some key considerations that we will discuss in this article that allow for successful planning of your packaging: 

  1. Budget for Packaging 
  2. Transport Packaging 
  3. Packaging Sustainability and Materials 
  4. Right Size Packaging 
  5. Package Designing and Branding 

Together all these pointers will allow you to choose the best types of protective product packaging for product protection during the product lifestyle.  

Budget for Packaging 

Before embarking on this journey, you must define the scope of your budget. It will prove useful in determining the kinds of materials you can use and how much you can spend to make the design as tempting as possible. 

Indeed, materials like natural fibres and glass look wonderful and dazzlingly beautiful to consumers, but sadly they do not come cheap. On top of it, glass is heavy and fragile, which leads to storage and shipping concerns and possibly leads to increased consumer prices. Quite often, consumers are willing to pay more for greater perceived value, but at times the increase in price isn’t worth the cost of extra packaging. 

There are countless affordable packaging options, too. Custom eyelash boxes are comparatively carved out of budget-friendly materials that offer reasonable protection against external pressures and interesting design opportunities. 

Plastic isn’t a sustainable packaging option. Instead, go with greener packaging options that are made out of recycled materials. Printing this on the packaging itself will give consumers another reason to feel good about purchasing your products.  

Most importantly, find the right balance of what you like to spend on creative and in production compared to what you should spend on packaging materials can largely affect the success of your project. 

Transport Packaging 

Once you settle for a packaging design, it is time to think about functionality. No matter how stunning the design, it will fail to do you any favours if your product packing isn’t functional. 

A stellar design will tell your customers that it was precisely manufactured for them, but it cannot be shipped from your warehouse to the retail store shelves without getting damaged. Something that will make your packaging worthless. 

Similarly, if your product has an unusual shape or it’s fragile and bulky, it is vital to consider your sturdy material options that offer strength. 

Goods with a long shelf life that need to stick out even after staying on the shelf for a long time also need special considerations. With superior print finish such as liquid-based coating, UV treated high-gloss, and more could do the trick for you. 

It always proves cost-beneficial in the long term to pay for adequate protective packaging like Best custom rigid box packaging rather than replacing damaged products later on. So, try finding the middle ground where the cost of protective packaging equals the cost of product damage, and you will be in a better position to sate your customers without blowing the budget.   

Packaging Sustainability and Materials 

When it comes right down to packaging materials, it’s an unwritten rule to treat your items like you would treat yourself. Exactly the way you would not want to reside in an abode that is too small or too big. In the same way, it is best to have suitable space for the right boxes to see a great effect on the end result. 

For instance, custom mailer boxes and other flexible packaging options by The Legacy Printing are lightweight and yield fantastic printing results. The cost from the shipping and freight point of view is also ultra-favourable for businesses of all sizes, especially when compared to bulkier and heavier packaging. Apart from this, other options are available to aid your brand in promoting sustainability with less packaging waste.  

Bespoke mailer boxes are best used for cosmetics, apparel, pharmaceutical, retail products, and hardware items to keep the enclosed products safe, extend their shelf life and make them more attractive both on and off the retail shelf. 

The Anaheim-based bespoke packaging manufacturer also offers carded packaging solutions such as custom eyelash boxes that need to be seen to help sway the customers in the retail environment. 

Right Size Packaging 

Suppose you have a product that is available in four different sizes. You will be in a more comfortable situation to cut the costs by developing two different sized packages, say experts at The Legacy Printing. 

By embracing cost-saving measures and getting creative, you can ensure the integrity of the goods you ship. This will save you both money and time. Additionally, it will reflect consistency across your products. 

Package Designing and Branding 

While it is unavoidable to consider your packaging budget, materials, transportation, and product box design and incorporate each element into your packaging design, keep your target customers at the forefront of all these decisions. 

Keeping your ideal buyers at the heart of the matter will empower you to craft a packaging solution that will help you achieve success through your packaging solution. 

Mind you, the kind of material you use in your packaging is an integral part of your brand. So, make sure there isn’t any disconnect between your packaging or materials, else your brand message may perplex consumers and make them lose trust in your brand. 

To attract your customers, try understanding them through proper research prior to making these key branding and marketing decisions. 

The US-based printer suggests that market research is the best way to uncover what your ideal customers genuinely value and finalize how to pair those details with your sustainable goals, needs, budget, and transportation. In brief, lend an ear to your key demographics and fulfil their needs specifically. 

Take Away 

The options are endless when it comes to available packaging material. The only limitations are those of imagination, sustainability, and budget. Make sure to consider all aspects of packaging material solutions and devise a workable plan by keeping your key demographics at the centre of it. 

Most important of all, your brand message should be seamlessly conveyed to your audience no matter what kind of package you place on the shelf. 

Take all the aforementioned dynamics into account. Your package should be high-quality, eye-catching, and sustainable. It will ensure the entire process of picking the right package for your brand will remain highly productive and seamless.

All in all, send out the best packaging solution that presents your brand and product in the best light and help your business grow by attracting customers and increasing sales.

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