How to Stay Relevant in the Vast and Ever-Growing Fashion Industry? Explains Anjali Phougat.

It is wonderful to learn about all those women who, as professionals, experts, entrepreneurs, artists, go ahead in creating a unique space of themselves in their respective industries. Doing that in the world of fashion could mean more challenges; however, a few of them have done even that and emerged as wondrous talents, creating their success stories.

Anjali Phougat makes her mark as one of them with her South Asian luxury brand called Designer Dream Collection, becoming an inspiration for the South Asian woman community. However, today, she has come forward to guide budding talents in the industry by throwing light on how to stay relevant in the vast and ever-growing fashion industry.


First, let us know who Anjali Phougat is?

Well, she is a small-town girl who today has made her name in the fashion industry at a global level. After experiencing many challenges on her path, she kept walking towards her goals, and even after marriage at an early age, shifting to the US, she was determined to make it huge in the fashion world.

From working in the IT industry and contributing voluntarily for vulnerable women, working on styling victims of human trafficking and domestic violence to starting her brand Designer Dream Collection, followed by her talk show called Designer Dream Collection Diva series to provide a platform for conversations with a variety of diverse individuals from around the world who attained success despite hardships, she came a long way.

Her thoughts on staying relevant in the fashion industry.

  • Be versatile: Sticking to only a kind of fashion assortments and style is a nay-nay. It is time to up the game and be versatile in the industry by having multi-functional styles. Even with sticking to an exclusive clothing style, a brand must go all out to experiment and serve customers with different designs, themed couture, etc.
  • Be sustainable: More than ever, people have become aware of how they are contributing to the environment by what products they purchase. Hence, it is advised to focus on the sustainability factor as this increases a buyer’s trust while also positively contributing to the environment.
  • Be virtual: Today, people spend most of their time on the internet, searching for things and buying them online. It is essential to be available virtually through websites and social media to serve people better by connecting well with them and optimizing the digital opportunities.

Anjali Phougat today serves as the Assistant Vice President in the world’s top banking firm and has made a big name in the fashion industry globally. Her designs have been part of NYFW shows, Cannes Film Festival and several runaways. So far, she has earned several recognitions for her work globally. Also, her film Inclusion through Unity recently won the best short film award in Cannes global short film festival.

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