How to turn Your Influencer Brand into a Multi Million Dollar Corporation with Jase Bennett

I was caught up with Jase Bennett, the dad from The Ohana Adventure media brand, co-founder of PROUDUCT, and most recently mentioned top 10 entrepreneurs to watch in 2020 from yahoo finance, to ask him a few very specific questions that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else in his other interviews.

First: What advice would he give to influencers to take their digital brand to the next multi million dollar level like his?

Jase responded with some incredible insights. He said that to be able to take your brand to the next level “you must know your customers and determine the difference between fans and customers.” I asked him what that meant and he began to explain that “fans will consume your content and support you digitally. Customers on the other hand are fans that transition to supporting you physically via web sales. Those sales can be digital products, merchandise sales or the ultimate situation of going to a sales channel ( website or retail location) that you do not directly own. This means that your product is so good that someone else is willing to list it for sale in their location and see enough value from your brand that they are willing to align themselves with you and your company. The value you bring is that you are merging your customers with theirs and both brands will benefit form the collaboration.

Next I asked If he had assisted his PROUDUCT clients in doing this, I will have to cut down his response because of how many well known influencers in the podcast, youtube, instagram and TikToks spheres whom he has assisted in creating an extra 7 figures to their income statement.

“One of the first influencers we helped with this was John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneur On Fire ( EOFire) podcast. My business partner met with John at his home in Malibu California and they came up with an idea for a productivity journal. The genius behind this product was that he wrote the outline once, multiplied it by 100 pages and the users filled in and wrote the content. John got an amazing kickstarter crew and together we closed a nearly $500,000 campaign which we rinsed and repeated again a few years later!  We then helped another entrepreneurial guru, Pat Flynn. He is most well known for his podcast Smart Passive Income. We met up at a social media and Youtube trade show in LA and he asked us if together we could change tripods forever and we said ABSOLUTELY. He then said that he didn’t know how exactly but together it could be done…. fast forward a few years and the tripods are in major retailers and have sold tens and tens of thousands of units all over the globe!”

Jase went on to talk about some incredible women in the Yoga sphere that they are manufacturing first class products for, stay at homes moms that are now competing directly with some of the largest women fashion brands just from their instagram account, and on and on and on but wasn’t able to mention their names due to Jase honoring the  creators desires for confidentiality.

I couldn’t handle it anymore! I needed to know how and what his secret sauce is and if he can assist me in knowing it without joining the extremely exclusive PROUDUCT club! He gave in and hooked me up with some tips! Here they are.

“First you must know your audience and poll them genuinely and continuously via all of your platforms. Second, you need to catalogue the data. Don’t worry, you do not need to be a statistician to keep the data and know what to do with it. You need to know what your instagram audience wants, what your youtube audience wants and the difference between the two!

Third, you need to start testing the options that you want to release to them and finally you need to act!”

How do you act, I asked?

“there in lies the ultimate question! That will be different or each individual and their brand. Some will finally hit that big red button and contact a company like PROUDUCT and have their product manufactured, some will finally start a site selling their course, presets or other digital products, some will hit record on a different medium that they will be able to monetize for their brand… the list go on and on. I figure just like any entrepreneur you need to see a need and fill a need and then focus on progress!”

This was a transformational time I had with Jase Bennett and I hope you enjoyed it as well!! To fins him on instagram its @jaseBennett, on Youtube @Jase and his podcast  If you are ready to hit that big red button you can fill out the survey on his  PROUDUCT  site and have him contact you back to see how to take your physical product to the next level!

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