How to Use Memes to Promote Your Business: A New Marketing Strategy

Marketing a business through memes is becoming widely popular these days. The practice has even led businesses to adopt a new strategy i.e., meme-jacking. It involves hijacking the most popular memes for their promotion or marketing purposes.

Businesses are increasingly adopting the practice of sharing memes as it is an excellent way to freshen up their content and hold user’s attention. If deployed correctly, the meme can go viral. Using memes to promote your business is an entertaining way to engage potential users. This article will discuss how companies can use memes to promote themselves and engage more customers.

Top Reasons to Use Memes for Business Promotion

If you have seen some of the popular memes like woman yelling at cat memes, broom challenge, etc., you would know how engaging a meme can be. Memes have the potential to go viral within a few minutes.  That is precisely the reason for which you should use them to make your brand noticeable. Here are some of the top reasons for which you should consider using memes for your business promotion:

  • Memes are Affordable- Amongst all the marketing or content strategy that you use on social media, memes by far are the cheapest ones. Plus,  if you are creative with your approach, it will not even consume much of your time.
  • Extremely Shareable– A meme is the only content with the most shareability irrespective of the age group, user dominance, or interest on the internet. This peculiar property, in large part, is due to the humour associated with it. More shareability means more engagement, and your business can benefit from it.
  • Leveraging Trends – If the memes are closely related to the latest trends or significant events,  they can work excellently for your business. Hence, you can use them to make your brand more modern, updated, and witty. If your business is keeping up with the latest trends, it will seem approachable by potential customers.

How to Use Memes for Business Promotion

The only language that keeps everyone on the internet-connected is undoubtedly memes. It is no surprise that they have gradually transformed into a cultural phenomenon. Some of the most popular memes include the baby Yoda meme, grumpy cat, LOLcats, and good guy Greg.

Businesses can breathe new life to their visibility through memes marketing as they can swiftly become a part of digital culture. Even if you do not invest a lot of effort into it, you can get away with a simple concept that is already popular and create memes for your business. What works best with meme marketing is the fact that the idea of plagiarism does not apply here.

Here are some tips on how to use memes to promote your business:

  1. Make Memes that Align with Your Brand’s Reputation

Like every other type of digital content that you develop, you have to ensure that your memes represent your brand’s voice. You can identify what kind of memes attract customers. Also,  it is a great idea to define the content that you are going to share on your business’s social media. You can simply determine your brand’s reputation and create memes according to it.

  1. Learn the Viewer’s Preferences

Memes are perceived as extremely simple and funny but this is not always the case. In a genre as sensitive as business promotion, it is extremely important to understand your user preferences. Use memes that they would enjoy.  If you are unsure of where to begin, you can hire a native meme maker.

  1. Use Relevant Memes

Every meme has its own lifespan. Imagine you came across a joke or someone is telling you a funny pun about an event that took place decades ago. It might be funny, but why? Thus, it is essential to use only relevant memes as your audience will connect to them quickly.

  1. Be Audience-specific

The most important meme marketing tip is to understand your audience and respect their choices. While promoting your business with memes, it is extremely important to balance business engagement and promotion. If your audience has mature taste, it may not be the best idea to use memes.

  1. Adopt a Sense of Humor

It is crucial that memes are witty and funny. Memes can be leveraged to form an emotional bond with your audience in an informal way. If you find it difficult to apply humour, you can use Invideo’s online meme maker. It has templates of popular memes which you can customize for promoting your business.

Pro Tip: Memes might cause negative reactions. Thus, while channelling memes for business promotion, make sure to resist the urge to go overboard. Publish memes for your business sparingly and correctly.


The basic purpose of memes for business promotion refers to the fact that they are crafted to be shared and reposted frequently to reach a wider audience. When viewers share the meme, they either advocate your brand or express their allegiance to it.

You can navigate the ways through which your business can get traction with meme marketing. Promoting your business using memes is cheap, relatable, and can help you to enhance your brand’s visibility. Memes have the potential to gain traction for your business and are an inexpensive way to connect with your potential users.

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