How US Online Sports Betting Sites Are Utilizing Influencers in 2021

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites have become the biggest choices for big brands looking for opportunities to market their products and online betting sites have not been left behind. Following the increase in advertisement blockers, influencers in the United States have been playing a huge role in marketing.

Influencer marketing is the simplest way for these sites to build a credible brand online. It helps them connect with their target audience and raise awareness. According to a report by Forbes, influencer marketing is growing much faster than digital ads and its results are a lot more reliable.

The top online sports betting influencers in the United States include: Johnny Detroit, Joe Osborne, and Sean Patrick Griffin. Here are a few ways that online sports betting sites in the United States have been utilizing influencers in 2021.

  1. Building Credibility

Sports betting sites are using influencers to build trust and credibility. These influencers invest a lot of their time to win trust from their social media followers. They create content that is relevant and appealing to their audience, set themselves apart from the competition by developing a unique style, and target specific groups.

Influencers create strong and long-lasting relationships with their followers. Therefore, their audiences are likely to trust their recommendations and views about specific online betting sites.

Trust is one of the most important considerations when playing at online casinos. Online sports betting sites that manage to earn the trust of players are likely to keep them. Learn about some of the best USA sports gambling sites at

  1. Earning Player Loyalty

While there are many ways for sports betting operators to gain the attention of their target consumers, there aren’t many ways to retain their loyalty. In 2021, working with influencers is one of the simplest ways to promote player loyalty. FanDuel, for example, has been using its partnership with Pat McAfee to not only attract potential players but also maintain player loyalty. Penn National Gaming has also been relying on various sports influencers including Dave Portnoy.

In the era where punters have access to thousands of sports betting sites, providing great games and using regular social media ads is not enough to keep them. Punters are always jumping from one great deal to the next and only a credible source can convince them to remain loyal to one site.

  1. Reaching New Audiences

Online sports betting sites have been partnering with influencers to engage new audiences. They use contests, giveaways, special offers, and informative videos to capture the interest of potential players. Influencers that may be used to reach out to new audiences include: sports personalities, retired athletes, former sports coaches, media personalities, and bloggers. They help online sports betting sites turn visitors into loyal players.

Considering that most people today will trust all recommendations from their trusted influencers, it does not take much for these influencers to reach new players.

  1. Personalized Advertisements

Most sports betting companies target young men in their advertisements. These companies use a variety of marketing strategies to appeal to them. Unfortunately, most of these strategies may come off as pushy and impersonal. They are unlikely to yield the expected results. Influencers, on the other hand, can market sports betting sites without coming off as pushy or overly aggressive. Since they understand what their followers want, they engage them and help them relate to specific betting sites. Working with influencers has been a positive type of marketing gambling in 2021.

  1. Building Content Strategy

In 2021, sports betting sites have been working with influencers to create effective content strategies for their sites. While offering great gaming options is great, it is not enough. Having relevant, engaging, and updated information is equally important.

Building content strategy can be hard work. It requires lots of creativity and dedication. Influencers are likely to come up with content that is appealing to the customers of a sports betting site. Since they spend a lot of time coming up with content, they can keep players entertained on a daily basis. One of the biggest benefits for sports betting site operators is that with the help of influencers, they no longer need to do anything themselves.

  1. Promoting Authenticity

Most influencers want to retain the trust of their followers. Therefore, they will only promote sports betting sites that they have tried. This type of promotion promotes authenticity which is appealing to young demographics.

Younger people are likely to receive authentic and organic promotions better than traditional advertisements. The pursuit of authenticity prompted FanDuel to partner with McAfee. Working with him has helped their promotions appear as personal rather than robotic. It fits into his existing content naturally increasing its appeal to potential players. The value of an influencer’s audience to a sports betting site is incomparable.

  1. Targeting a Specific Group

Influencers have been helping sports betting sites target specific groups. Different brands may be trying to reach different types of people and influencers appeal to different audiences. While some influencers may appeal to younger demographics, others appeal to older, more established punters.

McAfee, for example, has a strong and well-established fan base. Being a former athlete, he appeals to a wide audience. Influencers have helped betting sites wash away the taboo nature of gambling among their specific audiences.

  1. Introducing Fun to the Promotion Process

Influencers have been helping sports betting sites promote their products without coming off as boring. @KellyInVegas, for example, pairs her betting lifestyle with fun and glamor that keeps her 30,900 Instagram followers entertained every day.

These types of promotions are easy and relatable. Their popularity is expected to keep increasing in 2021. Kelly talks about basketball, baseball, and other sports. Other fun sports betting influencers include Steve Stevens also known as @VIPSportsLasVegas, and @BigRobStyle a.k.a. Rob Gorodetsky. With the help of these influencers, punters can think of sports betting as a lifestyle rather than just something to do once in a while. They are likely to remain loyal to a sports betting site for a long time.


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