How WeCharity is Raising Awareness through Social Media

Discover how charitable organizations can increase awareness and exposure through media outlets.

As an international charity that focuses on education and children’s rights, WE Charity has different initiatives dedicated solely to donations and philanthropy. The requirement of funds for collaborative programs depends on the continuous awareness raised domestically and internationally through different social media programs. 

It was social media, or rather the media in those days of the mid-nineties, which raised the problematic issue of child labor, which led to the We Movement’s foundation. In 1995, Toronto Star published a newspaper story talking about child labor and its issues. It was a young Craig Kielburger, the Co-founder of the WE Charity organization, who decided to take a step against this. From then on, the media played an important part in highlighting the mission of We Charity.  Later, different social media played an influential role in reaching out to a massive audience worldwide about the organization’s activities.   

Craig Kielburger, during visits to various countries that included stops in South Asia, came across the human rights group and got their support against child labor. In 1998, Kielburger and Kevin Major co-wrote the book “Free the Children,” talking about his experiences of traveling worldwide, interacting with child laborers, and understanding why this organization’s need was essential. 

How WE Charity Works with the Media

WE Charity and its media partner’s relationships are based on mutual respect and the common goal of raising a new generation of empowered citizens. WE Charity works with the media in a variety of ways, such as:

1) The help of Media Outlets 

WE Charity focuses on the youth to change today’s society and the future. For this, it is essential to focus on what is important today, which includes social justice and how all lives matter. Supporting the LGBTQ+ community in reality and protesting against those who shame these communities on social media is important. Respecting each other’s identity is what will lead to a brighter future. 

2) Journalistic Opportunities

WE Charity has been lucky to receive a warm reception from the media, which has increased their following and made several people realize the issue of child labor. 

A particular event that was not at all planned but helped in bringing about a change was when Craig and Free the Children confused the date of the press conference they had been organizing for the local media, thus inviting the mass of Canadian reporters that were following Chretien. When the daughter of Kailash, Asmita Satyarti, and Craig stayed up the entire night preparing for the conference, two former child laborers joined them. Following this event, several reporters rescheduled to attend this particular event. A more critical statement was made by Craig where he stated that Chretien had told him that he did not have the time to meet Asmita and the exploited street children.

When he returned to Canada, Craig made international news and was featured on popular talk shows, including Oprah Winfrey and 60 Minutes. Craig also co-wrote Free the Children with Kevin Major about his experiences in Asia, his interactions with child laborers, and the process of how he founded his organization.

3) Talking about media literacy, journalism, and other opportunities

These have been provided for free by WE Charity to increase knowledge about the Media. For more than a decade, WE Charity focuses on bringing to the children’s attention the current affairs and events happening worldwide. This is done by the organization called Global Voices that focuses on indigenous rights, issues like climate change, and the importance of mental health. 

4) Marketing and Advertising

Separately, WE Charity partners with those sectors of the media outlets that focus solely on marketing and advertising. Media outlets being corporate entities, focuses on keeping good relations and a long partnership by giving more attention to social causes, which is needed today.

In support of annual events like WE Day, We Charity allows media sponsors to sponsor these events. These media outlets are involved in supporting the communities, and they do so by sponsoring the major events that take place regarding these social causes. It is a long-standing practice taken care of by business and community divisions.

5) Live Broadcast of Marquee Event

As part of its domestic programming, WE Charity has its signature event, also known as Free the Children’s event, which is one of the world’s most significant events that discuss the evils of child labor and works towards ending it. This event is attended by thousands every year and is also broadcasted in 2500 schools worldwide. Craig and his brother Marc ensure that this event reaches over 100,000 students from 3,000 schools in person and more than 5 million viewers via televised broadcasts every year. This event has more than 2.3 million Facebook fans, thus making it one of the most successful charitable causes.

Increasing Awareness through Media Outlets

Thus, it is the media partners that are sponsoring many community events and playing a massive role in making the organization of WE Charity known to more and more people around the world. 

Free the Children have made and continue to make a difference all around the world with their campaigns. These focus on more humane practices towards labor. An example was when the FTC club in California protested and followed a boycott towards Nike and their shoes. Another protest that took place was in Calcutta, India, when there was a massive rally to protest against disabled children who were forced to go around the city streets and pose as beggars and work as drug runners. It was after this rally that the Government of India proposed to take immediate action and abolish this practice.

In Conclusion 

WE Charity is one of those unfiltered organizations with its wings that want to bring a change in this world through the children because the children are the future. By holding a number of events every year, they are increasing the awareness of issues like child labor, climate change, and the importance of mental health. Through the use of different kinds of media, they continue to work hard and inspire more generations of children all around the world.

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