iFortune Marketing Founder Ryan Morris Shares the Importance of Making Daily Progress

Turning your freelance hustle into a full-blown company is a feat that not many of us can take on. For one, having the right mindset to hire a team and assume a leadership position can be intimidating. But, for iFortune Marketing founder Ryan Morris, it was a welcome challenge and an opportunity for growth that he faced head on.

When it comes to the humble beginnings of his company, Morris recalls, “I’ve been doing freelance marketing for people and companies for the last 5 years. I was in a tight spot about a year ago and decided to double down with it. I ended up getting so many clients that came to me from word of mouth that I had to start hiring people and build a company out of it.”

The Customer Experience
From the start, Morris has always aimed to help other people realize their vision. And he took this into account when he named his marketing brainchild. “The idea came from how I wanted people to feel about their experience as a customer with my company, hence the name iFortune Marketing,” he shares.

And Morris’ business principle seems to be reaping its benefits as his clientele continues to grow even without the help of advertising. He divulges, “We’ve used 100% word of mouth marketing and focusing on delivering our clients a product that they enjoy and gets them closer to their goals. The more people you help, the more those people want to help you.”

Making Progress While Having Fun

As an entrepreneur, being in the right mental state on the daily can be tricky especially if you have to be on top of everything all the time. But, for Morris, the everyday evolution is what makes his work worthwhile. “I’m motivated by making progress daily and by having fun. Making money isn’t about stressing or needing for me. It’s a game,” he says.

And to marry work and play, Morris has a technique that one can incorporate in their daily routine: “I ask myself different sets of questions to make it more fun. What do people need help with the most in marketing right now? How can we help more people today? How can we produce more value for less money than our competition?”

Morris also prioritizes his wellbeing in order to be at his best in business. He counts eating healthy, exercising, sleeping well, and reading as must-dos for every entrepreneur who may easily get lost in the grind. “The better you can optimize it for health, the more efficient and happy in the workplace you will be. It’s contagious and will rub off to everyone else around you whether it be your clients or your employees,” he explains.

What It Takes

As much as Morris acknowledges the advantages of a laxer work flow, he also has a good grip on what it takes to become successful in this track. When asked how one can thrive in business, he quips, “The top three skills you need as an entrepreneur in my opinion are critical thinking skills, negotiation, and the ability to make friends. If you can do those three things, you can assemble any team, solve any problem, and close any deal.”

Ryan can be reached for comment on Instagram at @realryanmorris

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