Independent Rapper on the Rise Swaray Drops new Single “Glacier” Featuring Famous Dex

With an infectious beat, unique flow and lyrics celebrating the streets, Swaray  has just collaborated with Famous Dex to release his new single, “Glacier.” Maryland raised, Los Angeles-based, rap artist and songwriter Swaray wrote the song to remind people of the money and danger associated with “trap” life. Featuring a hypnotic alien synth loop and sporadic pitch changing 808s, Swaray uses clever lyrics and one liners and their intoxicating flow oozes street knowledge, drip, excess and opulence. The psychedelic street visuals of the accompanying music video are a teaser for what’s to come in the future.

“Glaciers” is available across all of the major streaming and download platforms, with links available directly on his official website.

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Christian Harmon (born November 21, 1991), known professionally as Swaray, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter from Glenarden, MD. Swaray has collaborated with, self established artists such as XanMan (Mob Ties-2019) & Balibaby (Shadow of Light-2019). Recently launched his 6th project Love Less (2020). Swaray was born Christian Harmon on November 21, 1991 in Washington DC. Raised in Glenarden, Maryland, he has been a student of the music industry, and since then has held a deep passion and love for the culture.


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