Iranian Entrepreneur Ramin Nikoo Spills the Beans on What Motivated Him to Become a Comedian

Doing comedy looks extremely easy but it’s anything but that. Making people laugh is no piece of cake and celebrated comedians from around the world will vouch for that. Entrepreneur and comedian Ramin Nikoo is one among them who managed to bring a smile to hundreds of faces during the pandemic. The comedian who goes by the philosophy of ‘never giving up’ recently spoke about why he began with comedy in the first place.

Ramin holds a bachelor’s degree in Genetics Engineering but the comedian deviated and took a different route. Take a look at his social media account and you will be amazed at his multi-faceted personality and versatility.¬†Whether it’s a funny spoof, his captions, or his random posts, Ramin has found a knack to entertain his million followers on Instagram.

“I have always been inclined to stand-up comedy. For the lives that we lead and the complicated lifestyles and pressures that we face on a daily basis, I wanted to do something that could cheer them up. You can do a lot for people, but the hardest is to make them smile during a difficult time and that was my motivating point,” says Ramin.

Ramin has been working as an influencer for 10 years and during this decade, Ramin has left a very positive impact on numerous people. The 33-year-old Iranian comedian has won valuable awards and is now considered one of the most coveted comedians in his field.

“I have also had to deal with some very difficult situations in my life. The most challenging and essential thing that life has taught me is that quality always leads over quantity. I used to receive complaints about my videos earlier, on the grounds that it was a lot like other influencers. And then I began changing the way I look at it and now, I receive so many compliments for my engaging and unique content. Nothing makes me happier,” Ramin further said.

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