It’s Time the Music Industry Gets Freshness From Young Rappers Like Its21Master

Storming the world of rap music with his new genres, the apple of eyes of the youth Its21Master has carved out a global space for him. This young artist based out of Singapore has blended the rap music with realism as well as emotion.

This young wizard of rap music has proved that rhythm is simply boundless and can travel all across the world if it touches the people. That is why his innovative rap music travelled everywhere in the world from Singapore.

Its21Master also has proved that the world of music does not have anything to do with age as one can become popular like him even at a very early stage of life. This is evident from the fact that he took a plunge in rap music merely as a student and mesmerized the world.

Here, a particular fact about him needs to be presented. He is also a rap song lyricist and runs his musical venture from his home studio based in Singapore. At this studio, he recorded his 12-song catalogue that received massive acclaim the world over.

As one of the more popular rap artists in Southeast Asia, he has created his own fan base which is growing steadily. He is also known as “21,” the shortened version of Its21Master.

His success is hard earned. He practiced much to perfect himself in the hip-hop and rap genre. It was in 2018 that he entered the world of music with the release of his debut single “Thrown in Your Face”. It was critically acclaimed.

The song created ripples in the musical world as it was a marked departure from the traditional run-of-the-mill songs.

It catapulted him the global stage of rap music. Interestingly, he blended his old school day hip-hop in it to create altogether a new genre that exuded raw energy of the youth and accepted globally as a new trend blending old features.

His musical tracks are quickly getting popular. One of the reasons for his steady popularity is that his tracks follow uncharted course to make them absolutely different from others. They have newness. They have appeal.

Just take one of his very famous tracks with the title “Like a God”, produced by Kontrabandz and engineered by Lil Edd. It not only became a global hit but also emerged as the buzzword for the youth.   

The versatility that he brought in rap music is the key to the success of Its21Master. His talents were expressive right from an early age, in his student days. He had the opportunity to work with two key persons who chiseled the art lying within him.

What “21” is today is due to those two persons who brought the artist lying within him out on the musical platform. In 2019, his song brought to the platform with their active help was added by curators to Spotify’s Hip Hop playlist “Beats and Rhymes”.

The social media acclaimed this song. The song is impressive indeed. It racked up 40,000 streams on Spotify.

His “Rising to the Top”, a fusion of Jazz with Rap, is a craze now.

In his music career, Its21Master had chances to work with such global names as producer Mantra, Grammy-nominated engineer Beau Vallis, Lil Edd, Joey Nato (A famous rapper/producer based on YouTube) and Vic Rippa.

Lil Edd had mixed songs for Dax and DDG, both of whom are famous rappers in the industry.

One of the reasons of his brilliant success is that as a lyricist, he can write for all sections of people. This has widened his base. As the music industry is growing, it really needs young talents like Its21Master. Being youthful and brilliant with innovations, rappers like him can bring freshness in the music industry.

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