Jay Jay: Successful TV Host, Gifted Magician, and Renowned Motivational Speaker

A multi-faceted personality, Jay Jay, is a prominent name in the entertainment industry as a gifted magician, in the events business as a brilliant TV host, and in the corporate circle as an exceptional motivational speaker.

Career Beginnings

Born and raised in Brisbane Australia, Jay Jay, being a vibrant persona, loved to engage with people. Realizing his passion for people, his sharp wit, and the desire to travel the world, Jay Jay embarked on charting a career path to utilize his talents. He dabbled as a magician, TV host, talent manager, nightclub owner in Asia, and as a global speaker at events that took him to over thirty countries.


Soon, Jay Jay became a celebrated and much-in-demand emcee for conferences and special events. His ability to connect with all audiences and deliver an incredible experience gained him popularity, with several prestigious brands clamoring to work with him. He is especially famous for his unique style of adding magic and comedy while interacting with the audience to maintain high levels of engagement.


Harnessing his ability to engage with his audience and motivate and inspire them, he successfully carved a niche for himself as a celebrity speaker for conferences, award nights, product launches, business and custom events. Today, Jay Jay has worked with more than 500 global clients, including reputed brands such as Google, Virgin, McDonald’s, BMW, Sony, Coca-Cola, and many more.

Instagram Influencer

His burgeoning popularity allowed him to explore the social media avenue, where he quickly amassed a huge fan following. His YouTube channel Free Magic Live has 400,000 subscribers and has received 57 million views from people who love to learn amazing magic tricks from his tutorial videos. With 200,000 followers on Instagram, Jay Jay uses his channels @jayjaylive and @jayjaywinners to impart nuggets of wisdom to followers on how to wield the power of social media to build their brand presence online successfully.

Business Launch

Jay Jay’s vast experience of over 15 years in diverse fields has made him a competent speaker and social media expert. He uses his expertise to teach entrepreneurs to start their own social media business through his new entrepreneur coaching program. He also plans to curate high impact experiential events to engage with entrepreneurs.

Jay Jay is a self-made man who adorns many hats and juggles them brilliantly, embracing each role with a positive mindset and vision to inspire people and brands to become the best versions of themselves.

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