Jesse D Poole Offers 5 Actionable Tips on Improving Self-Awareness and Accomplishing More

Jesse D Poole is a self-employed creative entrepreneur and author who owns a full service multimedia, entertainment and digital marketing company called Poole Media Co. located in Natchitoches, Louisiana where he finds himself searching for ways to be more self-aware, resulting in accomplishing more and creating a healthy work-life balance. Jesse shares 5 actionable tips that you can implement today to improve your self-awareness and accomplish more. 

Dedicate Creative Time

One of the easiest ways is by dedicating creative time to your hustle every single day. It lets your mind drift from focused to the creative sphere. Work on your designs, your photos, or create a  spreadsheet of what you want to do and where you want to go. Listing your accomplishments while you write down that list is another quick tip, and if you’re not keeping a journal or a notebook of ideas – start. List what motivates you, and what unmotivated you. Use failure as a tool to learn and grow from.  

“Somebody else is doing something else that you didn’t think to do, every single day. That’s how I keep my hustle going. “ – Kevin Hart

Find Inspiration from an Outside Perspective

Find inspiration in the things you do routinely by thinking outside of the box and examining things from a different perspective. As a photographer, this is one of the easiest things that can be done. Literally move – change your perspective by moving around. You can be inspired from visiting other sites in the same area of work you’re in or want to be in. Pull ideas from others. There’s nothing wrong with emulating what you like. 

Be Inspired by Others’ Wins and Losses

Reading people’s history and back-story that you admire and look up to is a great source of motivation and inspiration as well. We are all human. We’re all on this rock together. When you realize that everyone has a story and it’s filled with daily, life challenges- just like everyone else, you realize that your dreams and aspirations can be achieved also. It helps put things in perspective… We are all finite. We get one life, one chance, one opportunity to squeeze the fuck out of this life- it’s definitely what you make of it, and you can make it what you want- just keep going!

Kick the Negativity

Push aside negative thoughts, emotions, and yes, unfortunately – cut negative people out of your life. They are draining your emotions and your ability to think and see clearly. Fuck those people. Really. Not worth your time. Get around positive people. 

Have Fun

Have fun! While it seems simple enough – enjoying what you do can be one of the easiest ways to keep your motivation going. 

Take these simple actionable steps that Jesse has offered and incorporate them into your daily routine. Practice quick note-taking and track your progress, while making adjustments to adapt to your personal healthy balance. As Jesse continues to refine his skills further, you can follow him on social media by searching @jessedpoole or by visiting his website at

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