JPOPD1: Living To Create

Give John Michael Veiga, aka JPOPD1, the tools and he’ll create an experience — be it a beat, a music video, a story or all of the above rolled into emotive, lyrically raw tracks. 

Based in Miami, Florida — a city known for its diverse underground rap, RnB, Latin scene — the multi-hyphenate rapper, producer, singer-songwriter, author and actor has an extensive discography, and a collaborative one at that. 

“Love in Miami”, a 2016 single made with group NIGHTLYFE, was one of his first professional U.S. releases. Since, he has released several singles, EPs and full-length albums, the most recent single being 2021’s “Feisty” along side best friend and fellow artist Tre Mitus, and single “The Apple” featuring KinSinEvo (close friend and mentor).

Marked by pounding, often RnB and Hip Hop infused rhythms, JPOPD1 weaves within his music emotional, story-driven lyrics. Both energetic and dark, the rapper prides himself in creating personal, and hopefully relatable, music that serves as a bridge between himself and audiences. 

JPOPD1 dabbles stylistically, immersing himself into disparate genres and rising to the surface to yield a unique sound of his own, one that gleans from hip-hop, pop, R&B and Latin influence. 

Working under the label Leap Over Demons Publishing, he derives inspiration from a myriad of directions. He lists Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, Tory Lanez, Drake, Jcole, Jbalvin and Maluma as some influences.The latter influence can particularly be heard in his highly-danceable 2019 album Hipnotizados alongside fellow artist Visous Eye. 

His greatest inspiration, however, comes from a more introspective place: Life itself. JPOPD1 channels his day-to-day experiences and struggles into his tracks. 

The relentless artist has shown no sign of slowing down anytime soon. To follow-up “Feisty,” JPOPD1 is currently working on future tracks which he regards to as “diamonds in the rough” 

JPOPD1 has a willingness to learn and work with others, especially those he considers family, but says that one of his biggest obstacles as a musical artist has been finding authentic people in the industry to surround himself with.

As much as he creates music for others, he credits his chosen path with keeping him off the streets and out of jail. Simply put, cliché and all, creating music keeps him alive.

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