JRNY Club: A Comprehensive Look at the All-in-One Web3 Community Ecosystem

JRNY Club, JRNY Gallery

Much more than just a club, JRNY has been buildoooring this bear providing members with a suite of tools and options as benefits of being a pass holder. The Founder, Tony aka JRNY Crypto, started out his journey with SEO marketing and then a successful YouTube channel that now has 625k subscribers. Tony also grew a group called Trade Hero, a community of people interested in trading, buying, and flipping in the crypto world. That, combined with his past experience as a gamer and love of collectibles was part of the inspiration behind JRNY Club.

The JRNY Pass is the key to the entire ecosystem of an all-in-one web3 community that includes a membership platform, Ignis Orbis NFT tools, Stardust Store, BlockNews, metaverse boxes, the Planet XOLO game, the JRNY Collective, and the JRNY IRL Gallery in Las Vegas. Aside from the founder, the team boasts Jeffrey the director of operations, Skylar the Director of Operations at BlockNews, Alex the Research Manager, Ryan the Gallery Manager, Christian the social media & Artist Manager, William the Community Manager, Chris the Narrative Designer, Hama the Media Specialist and many more. 

Exploring the JRNY Pass: Gateway to a Thriving Ecosystem

Let’s take a look at each one of their offerings starting with Ignis Orbis. This NFT analytics tool provides comprehensive analysis to understand and track the ever evolving NFT landscape. Current access is reserved for Pass holders, but it will soon go public allowing non-members to join on a subscription basis. 

As members of JRNY, pass holders can collect Stardust after joining and verifying ownership in the discord server. Members earn daily stardust based on how many roles they obtain within the server and additional quests. It is a discord-based currency and not traded on the open market but holders can exchange it for items from the Stardust Store that include NFTs, raffles, whitelist spots, JRNY merch, and other items. 

JRNY also has their own news platform that covers crypto, NFTs, Metaverse, emerging Technology, and more. BlockNews.com provides unbiased and transparent coverage of everything that’s happening in crypto and while it is open to the public, it’s certainly a perk to be a part of a community that stays on top of what’s trending in the market. 

The membership platform provides a token-gated hub for exclusive JRNY Club content. Some perks include NFT guides that provide information on useful web3 platforms, dApps, and experiences, daily market updates, project reviews, exclusive NFT videos, and other content all reserved for holders. 

In the future, holders can expect the JRNY Club Pass PFP that will act as a ticket to the Metaverse side of the JRNY ecosystem. This includes the Otherside, Sandbox, and other upcoming metaverse projects. JRNY Metaverse boxes are another piece of their venture into the Metaverse and these NFTs contain a digital item claimable in multiple Metaverse platforms. It also yields additional stardust. As one of the largest holders of Otherside Land, the JRNY club is primed to bring its members into the Metaverse with multiple options and experiences available.

Planet XOLO Ecosystem: P2E Web3 Battle Game and Prizes

It seems like all of that would be enough for this thriving ecosystem, but we still have to cover The Planet XOLO ecosystem. Battle for XOLO is a P2E and web3 integrated battle game. Players compete against others using a selection of NFT villagers and characters from partnered projects, all with unique battle abilities and styles. Still in public beta-development, anyone can play using a selection of free characters. Players earn Stardust from battles and prizes for tournament wins. 

JRNY Collective: Showcasing Up-and-Coming Independent Artists

Crowds attending JRNY Gallery in Las Vegas

One of the most unique aspects of the club is the JRNY Collective. Dedicated to up and coming independent artists. It highlights 1 of 1s and provides a platform for new talent showcasing the artist’s work in the JRNY Gallery. Recently opened, the JRNY Gallery in Las Vegas is an IRL NFT gallery that showcases dozens of NFT projects in a captivating and curated space with a vibe to match. We toured the Gallery in early August and found an energy and a presence that was unmatched. Several of the NFTs are owned by the JRNY community wallet, and the space also features the first token-gated lounge for pass holders. Located in the art district, the First Fridays event occurs monthly and is an active time to visit as the district comes alive with vendors and street performances in an event designed to support artists. With JRNY Gallery situated in the hub of this event, it is primed to spread the word about NFTs far and wide which is something the entire web3 world can get behind. 

JRNY Gallery: Merging Physical and Digital Worlds in Las Vegas

JRNY Gallery Las Vegas

The gallery helps JRNY move closer to their goal of “merging the digital and physical worlds together so that there can be an intersection between us and web2,” said Ryan, the JRNY Gallery Manager. “People walking in are more curious than anything. Like, what am I looking at? What is an NFT?” These are all questions that can be more easily explained in a physical world where people can experience web3 irl. The gallery is able to host events as well for up to 90 attendees and they hope to encourage those in the crypto world to check out their venue and host parties in their space. One of the selling points is the ability to use the displays to broadcast their own NFTs or graphics as a backdrop for the events. 

JRNY Club appears to have a lot happening for its members and you can follow them on X @JRNYclub to learn more.

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