J’Versatile Charts #66 On Itunes With “I Mean It” And Gold On Soundcloud With With 3 Million Streams Worldwide

J’VERSATILE’s MINDSET IN 2021: J’Versatile has been grinding for 7 months investing in his career as he has plans to become a Multi-Platinum artist by the end of the year. Month to month he has I Mean it streaming 5k+ streams every month for those 7 months organically on Apple Music/ iTunes. In today’s time numbers do matter as that’s royalties back in your pocket depending on how many streams you receive.

J’Versatile has been working with Virginia’s greatest Marketer and Promoter in the 757 Cyffa Leyenda. They connected on Instagram in a networking group as there are thousands! Through the universe of music, they’re motivational worlds collided as J’Versatile has been looking for a marketer to push his music to the sky.

Versatile invested into nothing but marketing during covid building a strong fan base so efficiently that he hasn’t had his song in campaigns and ads for over a month and his numbers grew on its own.

J’Versatile just received his SoundCloud plaque recently streaming 3,000,000 + streams going Gold within a few months. On Instagram, his engagement on this record has made him more interesting to pay attention to alongside the Mayor of North Carolina consistently showing love to his post on Facebook.

Cyffa Leyenda has a goal to make Versatile Multi-Platnium on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music with a lot of publications and Playlist. Also, there’s plans in the mix about hooking him up with a verified artist that has the engagement of their own to boost a record for a greater purpose around the world.

So let’s just say by the end of the year J’Versatile will be one of the biggest artists in North Carolina all organically through so many platforms. Verified users have been aggressively supporting his post even if it had nothing to do with music.

People are starting to notice his motivational grind. “I Mean It” is streaming 46,000 + streams as we speak working towards 50,000 on iTunes today so keep streaming as this rising star succeeds to the next level of success.

I Mean It – Single by J’versatile


Instagram – https://instagram.com/jversatile_

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