K’alley, the First “Street’ Rapper With a 4.0 GPA in Marketing, Explains his Tik Tok Viral Formula

Tyler Darnell Hightower, more commonly referred to as K’alley, is one of the most unique, rising artists in the rap industry. Unlike any other rapper on the scene, he managed to graduate from college (Georgia State) with a 4.0 GPA and a degree in Business Marketing.

He ranked within the top 10% of his entire college class of over 8,000 students! A lesser-known fact is that K’alley also graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA, earning himself an 80,000$ scholarship to go to college. When it comes to brains, it’s safe to say that K’alley is unmatched in this new era of emerging rap artists.

It’s almost hard to believe the rough childhood he endured and the street upbringing he was bred into. In a recent interview with Respect My Region, K’alley revealed shocking details about his childhood.

“My mother had me at 15 years old. She was a dancer and an ex-gang member much of my childhood. Other kids were influenced by the TV and Rap music to become involved in the street life. For me though, gang culture; prostitution; and drug dealing were regular parts of my day. I wanted to be something bigger.”

Harsh circumstances pushed the young man towards the microphone and a rap career. Ironically, those same circumstances pushed K’alley towards pursuing his education and achieving a degree. The knowledge he gained from college courses has now translated into a rapidly growing fanbase for his music and over 18 million views between Tok and Instagram, alone. “Going Viral” is one of K’alley’s key tools in carrying out his goal of being a voice for the culture. Here are a few key tips we learned from K’alley on how to go Tik Tok viral.

Tip 1: Trending, Relatable, Engaging,– Every piece of content you create should fall in at least 2 of these categories, but preferably, all 3. To ensure you’re creating is trending, go to Tik Tok’s discover tab and search the type of video you want to create (for example: gaming, dancing, memes, etc.). Filter for “this month” and “most liked” on the top right. The top videos should have at least 100,000 likes. If not, there’s not substantial audience for your video and you should pick a different type of video.

Tip 2: Video Length – Watch time is major fact in going viral. For videos to go viral, people have to be inclined to watch the video until the end. Shorter videos make this goal easier. Currently videos between (9-11 seconds), (18-22 seconds), and (30-40 seconds) are the easiest to go viral with.

Tip 3: Time to post – Currently, videos posted between (9AM- 11AM), (1PM-3PM), (5PM-7PM), and (8PM-11PM). The (8PM-11PM) time slot is the best.

Tip 4: Hashtags – K’alley recommends 3 different hashtag strategies. The 1st strategy is using 3 content-related hashtags (such as #Memes, #gaming, #rapping) and 1 broad hashtag (such as #fyp, #viral, #trending). The 2nd strategy is to use 3 broad hashtags and 1 content-related hashtag. The 3rd strategy is to use 4 content-related hashtags.

Tip 5: Consistency and Creativity – If you want to win, you have to outwork everybody. Social Media isn’t the exception. Remember to be you and be creative. Social Media isn’t a real place, but it can manifest real opportunities when you use it right.

To learn more about K’alley and his brand, follow him @papi_kalley on Instagram and TikTok.

Also, you can subscribe to his Youtube channel here https://www.youtube.com/c/KalleyX

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