Keeping the Faith Until You’re Where You Want to Be

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Carlos Reyes, of the nationally known company National Cash Offer, rose from humble beginnings to develop a fast-paced, growing empire. His key business in flipping houses helps people out during some of the worst times of their lives. Today, he owns more than fourteen different businesses, including National Cash Offer as well as Magnus Digital, Inventory City, and All In Flipping, to name just a few. Most of his ventures focus on real estate, but some have expanded his brand into other venues, such as electronics recycling. All of this is possible because of Carlos’ personal values, which have allowed him to succeed where others might have floundered.

By focusing on developing multiple businesses, Reyes has become the first millionaire in his family. His Instagram is full of images signaling wealth, like Lamborghinis and screenshots of eye-popping check deposits. How did he get there? The answer might surprise you.  

Born to a poor family in Mexico, Carlos got his humble start bagging groceries as a child. He came to the United States as a small child, and his mother worked a minimum-wage job nonstop to support her three children. This inspired Carlos’ insatiable drive and dedication to work.

After earning his U.S. citizenship, Carlos followed the path he was presented with, working a serviceable but unfulfilling corporate job for more than a decade. He was proud of what he had achieved and grateful for the opportunities that America had given him. However, in 2015, Carlos took a leap of faith towards the American Dream and got into real estate flipping. In three short years, he had achieved millionaire status.

Reyes certainly knows the struggles of people who work hard and almost never get ahead. Crediting his strong religious faith as one of the keys to his success, Carlos has emphasized an extreme dedication to hard work. For this, he follows traditional rules: Get up early, stay motivated, and embrace both highs and lows, as well as the grunt work involved in one’s profession.

Carlos did not just cash a karmic paycheck, either. Like most other entrepreneurs, he has failed and failed until he achieved success. In addition to his faith, Carlos suggests that others who are struggling focus on their visions for the business. First, they must create and build the vision; next, they have to commit, focus, and sacrifice. Finally, entrepreneurs should “never, ever give up.” Carlos suggests that leaders emerge and work from the front: Someone has to take responsibility, and during difficult times, leaders will emerge.

It’s no secret that flipping real estate is a gutsy business and one that involves lots of “unsexy” work such as putting up signs, cold-calling strangers, and long days. The truth is, any business involves these moments. Sometimes, people throw in the towel; other times, they keep plugging away.

Carlos exemplifies the American Dream, plain and simple. However, his work ethic is exemplary and lies at the core of all of his successes. For those who are willing to work hard, success can be achieved.

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