Kimia Ravangar, Known as Mia Plays on Different Social Media, is an Iranian Woman, First Started Streaming Games in 2017 and has Quickly Amassed a Loyal Following

While it is difficult to attract people by making videos Mia Plays drew attention with her videos.

YouTube streamer Mia Plays is a name that cropped up several times when I asked for recommendations on YouTube.

Her streams usually amass over thousands of views.

Mia Plays brings such an authentic and focused sense of joy and enthusiasm to the games.

This Iranian woman is climbing the ladder of success in the gaming industry even though everyone thinks gaming is a male-dominant field.

She is the first Iranian female YouTuber in gaming and entertainment who jumped over obstacles with her creativity in making videos.

She is a role model for Iranian girls and females over the world who loves gaming and streaming.

This Iranian woman got her bachelor’s degree in industrial design in Tehran, before becoming a famous streamer, and she was freelancing in that area and also graphic design in her spare time, she used to write game reviews in a little notebook hoping to start a blog.

She started streaming in 2017 and got thousands of views on each of her videos and now has +700,000 followers on her Instagram account and over a thousand subscribers on YouTube.

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