Know More About Some of the Popular Photography Competitions Held Globally

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There is no better way to showcase your photography than entering a photography contest. 

Along with the international photo contests, there are lots of small photography contests that showcase a specific theme and may be great for those in a niche field. There is a broad range of festivals, but here we look at the top five international photography festivals.

1. London Image Festival

The London Image Festival, more commonly referred to by the pros as The LIF, was started six years ago and is unique because it offers entry to both professionals and non-professionals alike on a level playing field with an enormous number of sections. It also showcases cinematography too. A truly amazing festival.

2.Sony World Photography Awards

This is run by the World Photography Organisation, and sponsored by Sony. Here you will find a huge selection of categories. The competition is divided into four sections and distinguishes between professional and non-professional.

3.World Press Photo 

This festival showcases the very best of photojournalism. It highlights those who have in a single click, captured a news story beyond any words. The judging panel is made up of some of the best photojournalists in the world. The photo submission is a photo or a series of photos that convey a documentary story.

4.Istanbul Photo Awards

This photo competition rewards very bold and strong photojournalism. The photography has often been captured by some very brave photographers stopping at nothing to get the image that distills the moment.

5.Monovision Black and White Photography Awards 

As it says in the title, this is all about monochrome photography. It’s for those who recognize the power of black and white photography. It is open to all regardless of experience. They accept multiples or single images. Celebrating the power of black and white imagery.

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