Knowing the Person Behind @__ getithowyouliveit

Let me tell you a bit about the highly talented, digital artist, graphic designer, and well known creative genius, Juan Zurita. Juan, creator of his brand @_getithowyouliveit,  known for creating album cover art for famous labels, brands  and artists. But his innovation doesn’t stop there, he also offers a wide variety of services such as motion graphics, typography, illustrations, merch and design. He is a very creative person who tries to insert his designs wherever he can and improve anybody’s previous

If we take a look into the present day, Juan has accumulated over 300 clients. Juan feels very fortunate to be able to make a living doing what he loves, creating. As a digital artist at heart, Juan has an array of other skills such as clothing, flyer, motion, and 3d design. He tries to get as much experience as possible so he can create media within any format.

Some advice that Juan Zurita provides to his followers is, “Never stop creating.” In his early days, his most obstructive obstacle was creating publicity for himself and his work. Juan sometimes felt defeated while trying to create exposure, but he continued to put himself out there. Soon, his work led him to work with major labels and music artists such as Empire records, OVO, Wolftyla and so much more. There were many points when he felt like simply giving up since there were odds stacked against him, but he kept going and became successful.

@_getithowyouliveit is still growing and his presence is apparent throughout the entire music and entertainment industry. Despite his booming success, Juan is optimistic about his future and continued growth. “I see _getithowyouliveit growing big in the future. With the amount of connections I have, I believe I will keep growing and building more relationships with labels, artists, and brands”. Juan likes to keep himself humbled and grounded while staying confident about his abilities to grow as a creator. 

He has come a long way from his early days of creating in photoshop, his work has come full circle when he was given the chance for collaboration. He says “I collaborated with Photoshop twice and that really helped me grow and stay motivated”. It was the big break that he needed to stay motivated and focused on his goals. 

The grasp of Juan’s network continues to grow as he works with big names such as Sony and Ariana Grande’s creative team. As far as his love for creating, it doesn’t stop here. “I see myself working for a known artist or signed to a label creating content or becoming an Art Director.” Juan makes sure that each of his projects reflects everything that he has learned. 

Juan has had his fair share of challenges, whether that be lack of exposure or poor time management. He says, “practice makes perfect, if you stop the improvement stops”

Juan Zurita’s passion for his work is inspiring and exciting and he continues to share his creativity with others. He is growing slowly but based off of how much he has grown in the past year, I wouldn’t doubt that he can grow exponentially in no time. 

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