Living Abroad Simplified by Content Creator Nishit Shaw on His Youtube Channel

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Living outside your home country, sounds exciting right? In many independent types of research, it has been proven that most Indians have a keen interest in spending a huge chunk of their time outside their home country.

Nishit Shaw, the Burlington Chocolate Founder is often known as the master traveler due to his travel videos spread across social media. But, Nishit Shaw is more than just a travel influencer, how is that?

Nishit Shaw’s main channel which is on his name has a base of mostly students who have a keen interest in studying abroad. Realizing this, Nishit Shaw also started his own website where students book an appointment in order to discuss their future planning as international students.

Nishit Shaw has recorded numerous travel videos on his old channel, educating travelers around how to procure visas, get affordable accommodation and air tickets, etc. He did not stop there.

“A lot of trips have been planned. I intend to live like a resident and not like a tourist” said the 24-year-old vlogger who is widely known for covering all major megacities across the Globe.

Nishit Shaw has recorded almost all important aspects of living abroad and has documented his journey as an international student in Dubai on both his channels. “That’s not all, in the next few years, I have plans of living in more countries and educating my viewers about living cost and salary ratio in these destinations”

Nishit Shaw Vlogs- is a new channel set up by Nishit Shaw himself which is fairly new and which has details about spending life outside India.

Nishit Shaw, an influencer and content creator has huge expertise in running marketing campaigns as well. His videos on overseas student and job life have garnered a lot of attention making him one of the most loved content creators.

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