Majid Adib is a Singer, Composer, Songwriter

He was the first singer to perform pop music at the recent FajrMusic Festival in Iran, and he also conducted the choir of the festival.

He then spoke about the festival and the problems of Iranian music at the University of Tehran.

He initially said that these festivals are the best and most challenging opportunity to perform music and require at least a month of intense concentration and practice for the music band.

He continued that this year, my wish came true again and I had the opportunity to be my first singer to perform my music on stage and share my heartfelt feelings with you.  He continued that the next festivals can have a new color and smell and performances that are much more audible and spectacular, and I will try to play and sing for you again with all my feelings and strength.

Majid Adib emphasized that he would not accept the offer of cooperation of the great producers of Iranian music and would continue his way with his band, and in this way, as in the past, he will fight with the problems he faces.  He added: “I believe that music in Iran has developed a lot and there is no need for the presence of non-artistic elements in Iranian music.”

I always try to continue my way with new inspirations and ideas and leave many memories for my fans with my music and songs.

Majid Adib said about his goal:

“I am preparing to perform again in European and American countries and I am trying to get to know more about Iranian music in other countries.

In another part of his speech, he referred to some of the margins that occurred regarding his relationship with some actors of Iranian cinema and said: “My relationship with cinema actors is only a working and professional relationship and there is no communication outside of work issues.”  Did not have

Because I believe that music plays a very big role in human life and the pleasure of this art should not be diminished by marginal issues.  Life without melody and rhythm becomes very boring and meaningless.  I believe that a successful person makes music one of the duties in the path of his goal and with the calmness and positive energy he receives from the instruments,he causes a faster movement in the path of his goal and life.

Just like many psychologists, I believe that listening to good music is the cure for many of a patient’s problems and depression.  This also applies to animals and plants.  I play for my plants every day and express the love I have by playing the instrument with the plants in Muon.

Finally, he thanked his family, the president of the music festival, and the president of the University of Tehran, and informed them about helping and teaching music and singing techniques to music lovers, and invited them to participate in a television program to find talent by performing music.  He invited himself

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