“Matchless expertise with innovation”: EA Home Design is yielding magnificent results in the Home Design and remodeling industry.

The Design and remodeling firm- EA Home Design has been setting benchmarks with each of their projects. Established in Virginia, the firm adopts one–of–a–kind and out-of-the-box strategies, engendering client-specific projects, aspiring to yield perfection in their work. Passionate about innovation, EA Home design’s clients have expressed their utmost satisfaction, and have deemed their work as exceptionally commendable.

An experience of 20+ years, gathered by its founders- Kevin Kamali and Ali Meshkar, who have been prominently producing and delivering unprecedented and flawless remodels, and design for homes, have been dominating the industry with their cognizance acquired over time.

EA Home design has been emerging as a firm that has attained the capability of surpassing its competitors and yielding idiosyncratic pieces of work. With 180k+ followers on social platforms, EA Home Design also upskill its clients on the grounds of the benefits that their firm could do.

On the grounds of craftsmanship, professionalism, and the process, they remain exceptional. The team of professionals is incomparable, aiming for excellence, utilizing a holistic approach. Instead of letting people dream of their “perfect homes”, they have made it turn into a reality.

The distinctiveness of their process, the way each client garners individual attention, leading to an in-home consultation virtual design, setting up client meets, reviewing their inclination, cost estimation, contract signatures, ordering top-grade material in accordance to the final selection and plan: all of this is done prior to the commencement of the project, to maximize the probability of client satisfaction and perfection. This propels them way ahead of their competitors.

With 185+ projects already culminated, and a plethora of awards inclusive of “Best of Houzz” awards for the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 and the Best Of Home Advisor award in 2016 depicts their consummate skill and diligence.

Designing and remodeling Kitchens, bathrooms, basements, EA Home Design has acquired admiration and acknowledgment, through its customized solutions. The client testimonials on their website vouch for their work, and each of their projects has been profoundly displayed for people to visit.

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