Matt’s Crypto Shares how to Find and Flip the Best NFTs

Finding the best NFTs to purchase as well as the most opportune time to flip is a tough task where diligent research plays a vital role. The time and effort required for making these prudent NFT choices is often a headache for most investors.

There is good news though for NFT investors looking to alleviate this arduous process with the recent sharing by Matt’s Crypto on his YouTube channel that he has just launched a new NFT HUD platform. This platform hosts an array of data tools and strategies that will dramatically reduce the time required for investors to make informed choices on their NFT buying options.

In this article Matt shares what this new NFT HUD platform will entail and how easy it is to access the relevant data on any particular NFT.  

Matt’s new Platform lists new and existing NFTs in chronological order providing the necessary data, such as total assets, floor plan prices, rarity status and name of project etc. The three main components that help determine the value of each NFT is the Floor Price, Rarity Score and Buy Rank.  

This pertinent data is neatly formatted and easily accessible with a simple tab toggle to find the relevant items required. These include highlighted green check marks for NFTs that meet Industry Standards to identify rare trait values that play a huge part in an NFTs price.

The tool also lists comparable NFTs with traits that have previously been sold. All the information shared on Matt’s NFT HUD Platform is designed to show the value of each NFT being assessed. He also provides tons of tools that help customize and filter to an individual investor’s specific criterion needs.

The most popular tool on his new platform is the ‘Deal Sniper’ tab, which is the one that he is most excited about sharing. The ‘Deal Sniper’ covers every element in choosing an NFT – everything from floor price strength, to the number of owners to tokens ratios and the rarity score assessed against floor price.

Matt enthuses that this ‘Deal Sniper’ section is similar to Twitter in that it continually updates all the relevant data required on its own so that it’s always current and real-time.  An additional feature is currently being developed that will see real-time updates from Twitter and Discord of big catalyst NFT events that have huge impact on values that will be shared instantly in real-time on his new NFT HUD Platform.

To receive more details regarding Matt’s NFT HUD Platform watch his YouTube video

Matt mentions that a subscription model may soon become available for this NFT HUD Platform and that anyone seeking immediate access can do so through his Lifetime NFT Collection available on OpenSea.

The information Matt provides is for educational purposes only and he is not a financial advisor nor licensed professional. He encourages investors to complete their own due diligence before proceeding with any financial trades.

To connect with Matt regarding NFTs and news on all things crypto, you can reach him here: Matt’s Crypto

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