Meet Amir Shaheed, An Artist Whose Songs Speak Every Kind Of Emotion

Passion always takes people to places. One such person who followed his music and made a name for himself in the music industry is Amir Shaheed. Born on June 18, 1992, Amir has a colourful background – Cherokee, Ghanian and German. His background played an important role in learning about different culture and art, especially in music.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Amir Shahees found motivation for his artistic abilities by the neaches and art scene of California. At the age of 5, Amir joined an after school program in West Los Angeles to learn piano lessons at age five. Well, that was his entry in the musical world at a very young age and since then, there was no looking back. His love for music gave him the confidence to participate in school drama programs in high school and beyond.

As he grew up, his love and passion towards music also got deeper In the community fo artists, he was already a popular name. Soon, the world got to know him as a renowned American recording artist, songwriter and singer from Los Angeles, California.

After receiving his degree from College of the Canyons. Amir Shaheed dropped his first single Grind under the label M.I.A Entertainment. The song became an instant hit. People wanted more songs from Amir and well, he delivered the same. Amir’s second single ‘All My Life’ came out in 2015. His admirers were blown away with another piece of rocking track from the talented artist.

The year 2018 was crucial in his career. Amir Shaheed became Bravo to all his fans when hia track Bigger House came out. The stage name became his identity like many top singers in the world have. Bigger House became such a huge hit that it was at top on Spotify and iTunes. Then came out his nine-track EP entitled “I Got Somethin to Say”. Songs in this album cover various topics, sounds and styles all with Amir’s meaningful lyrics.

All was going well for the artist but tragedy hit his life when his father passed away. Amir Shaheed’s father was his best supporter, role model and biggest fan. The loss was huge and that pushed Amir aka Bravo into depression. For a year, the musician took a break from his art and didn’t produce any song or kept his life low. In 2019, he bounced back stronger than ever. The artist shared new 9 songs that talked about life, pain, love and many such emotions.

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