Meet Dan Castle, the Entrepreneur Redesigning N95 Face Masks

Over the past twelve months, how many different face masks have you acquired? Now, of all the face masks you’ve bought or received in that time, how many do you have that you know are reusable, don’t fog your eyewear, and also meet the required safety standards of FDA-registered N95 face masks? 

Most of us have compiled a small personal collection of face masks over the past year, but many of us have likely run into some of the same issues with our masks. Maybe they aren’t easily – if at all – reusable, or cause our glasses to fog up constantly no matter how we try to wear or adjust them. Perhaps you’re a frontline medical worker who is looking for the best protection in your face masks, but are tired of wearing heavy scuba gear like protection or expensive disposables.

These are just a few of the reasons why entrepreneur Dan Castle, founder and CEO of CastleGrade, has launched an affordable and reusable form-fitting face mask that exceeds N95 safety standards. CastleGrade masks are also reusable as well as valve- and vent-free, meaning that they protect both the wearer and those around them. It won’t fog your eyewear or slip off your face while remaining effective in the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We created this brand because personal protective equipment (PPE) today is disposable, expensive, and often fogs your eyewear,” says Castle. “The [previous] administration was so focused on front line workers, it forgot about everyday adults and children that also needed high-quality N95 level protection.” The solution came in the form of CastleGrade’s G-Series mask, which Castle designed with the help of expert scientists, doctors, and engineers. Castle adds, “We needed an option that allowed people to get the same or better protection than frontline workers were receiving.” One of the most unique features of the G-Series Castle Grade mask is its patent-pending silicone encased air pocket. This air pocket improves breathability and contrasts with fabric masks in that it doesn’t puff in and out as you breathe causing you to feel lightheaded. 

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020, our sense of normalcy was upended virtually overnight as non-essential businesses scrambled to shift employees to work remotely and families rushed to purchase enough PPE to safeguard their health. Frontline workers and the organizations, agencies, and institutions that employed them were no different. Unfortunately, this rush to buy PPE such as FDA-certified N95 face masks inadvertently caused scalpers to begin appearing on social media with advertisements for PPE such as N95 masks at hyper-inflated prices. This, in turn, caused regulators to place a moratorium on advertising and selling face masks via social media platforms such as Google and Facebook Marketplace due to both the hyper-inflated prices of N95 standard masks as well as underpriced masks that were advertised as – but did not meet – N95 safety standards.

For Castle and others like him who manufacture and sell high-quality, affordable, and reusable N95 face masks, this is causing their inventories to swell. “The people who need access to affordable and reusable form-fitting masks aren’t able to get them because there are too many restrictions on selling them online,” Castle says. “This isn’t only a problem for manufacturers and sellers — it could be putting lives at risk and further contributing to the spread of COVID-19.” These restrictions on advertising medical-grade masks online may have been an important moratorium to enact at the start of the pandemic last March, Castle adds, but now these restrictions could be adding to the troubling spread and global impact the COVID-19 virus has wrought in the past year.

In an effort to help spread the word about these detrimental restrictions, as well as the G-Series line of FDA registered N95 masks he has made available to everyone on, Castle and his team have even custom-made masks for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Though he and his team have not seen either the POTUS or VP wear their G-Series mask, Castle and his team were alerted that the White House did indeed receive those two masks and that both safely passed the White House’s science and security teams.

To learn more about how CastleGrade and their affordable, reusable, and N95 safety standard G-Series masks, or to directly purchase their masks for yourself, a loved one, or a frontline responder you wish to help protect, please visit to get more information and place an order online today.

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