Meet Richard Springfield: a Successful Businessman Making Entrepreneurship Look Easy

Entrepreneur and business coach Richard Springfield is here to create a shift in the mindset of the masses in the way we perceive finances. He’s created his own thriving business focused on providing the financial literacy needed to break the boundaries of what earning an income looks like in the digital age. Today he’s here to share his story of pushing through problems to rise to the top.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Richard, who goes by Rich, attended San Francisco State University to study business. It was coming into the university that led Rich to learn of the numerous possibilities within the realm of entrepreneurship.

When discussing how his time in school propelled him into his future as a successful business owner, Rich says:

“When I came into college I was learning about business in the context of getting a blue or white-collar job. But during my time there I was networking with a lot of different people who were also looking for more for themselves outside of just getting an education to go get a job after graduating. I started to learn more about entrepreneurship and the different avenues within it, like real estate and investing. It made me realize that there’s so much more information out there that you can’t learn in school, you can only get it from experience.”

Before graduating from University with his business degree in 2019, Rich was introduced to the concept of network marketing and trading in the financial markets which would give him the real-world experience he was looking for in investing and starting a business. To date, Rich has created his own organization called Minute Made Money focused on helping individuals become educated investors and entrepreneurs with a keen focus on internal growth to achieve financial and personal goals.

When discussing the concept behind his business, Rich says:

“The objective of Minute Made Money is to inspire and educate people all over the world. We work with any individual willing to work towards achieving financial independence through a different avenue than a 9-5 job, while also becoming a better version of themselves in the process. We provide a platform for the best of the best information and education from the top-down to help people increase their financial literacy. Our members are able to learn from top traders and leaders in the industry. It’s all about having access to the information that can change your life, and we’re helping to provide it.”

Currently, Minute Made Money contains over 100 like-minded individuals and counting all working towards a common goal of development financially and personally. Not only is Rich focused on helping people create additional sources of income, he’s also dedicated to making an impact on people’s lives that goes far beyond monetary value.

Growing up in Los Angeles and being involved with a friend group who did not always have Rich’s best interests at heart, Rich found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time on multiple occasions especially leading up to his start in college. It took internal reflection and discipline for Rich to make the decision that real change and more accountability were needed in order to improve the outlook of his future and align his current path with the goals he had for himself.

To this day, Rich believes that the circle you keep is crucial to the outcomes you produce in life. Through Minute Made Money, he strives to keep a positive and uplifting culture amongst his team, where everyone is encouraged to be the best possible version of themselves.

With the future of Minute Made Money looking bright, Rich plans on expanding into other philanthropic business ventures, looking to give back to the city he calls home.

“I want to start more businesses, like stem programs and financial literacy programs so kids can get the information they need at an early age to set themselves up for success in their futures. Being able to manage your money is a crucial skill and it’s not taught in school. I want to make sure that kids from my community have access to that. Starting early with these skills is important as technology is changing and new ways to earn an income are always emerging,” says Rich.

A pivotal moment in Rich’s life was the passing of his father to COVID-19. After such a devastating loss that Rich and his family are still recovering from to this day, Rich realized the fragility of life and the importance of making the most out of every single opportunity. Rich’s faith was strengthened after the experience as he learned to navigate the new hardship of living without his father, but he has been able to remain strong in his belief that every new challenge we are brought to in life, we can handle.

As a budding businessman with his entrepreneurial ventures flourishing, there is no doubt we can expect to see more inspiring and impactful projects from Rich in the near future. In closing, Rich leaves his best pieces of advice for the aspiring entrepreneur:

Never give up on what you started. “There’s a lot of ups and downs in business and entrepreneurship, and a lot of the time when people are down they end up giving up on their dreams. The only way to get to your end goal is if you don’t give up.”
Pressure builds diamonds.“For me, I perform even better under pressure. Everyone gets nervous, but being in that situation where you have that pressure on you is what’s going to grow you.”
Listen to your mentor. “Find a mentor who has what you want and does what they do. If you surround yourself with nine millionaires, you’ll be the tenth.”

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