Meet Saif Khan: The Next gen Youtuber and Influencer

Social media is one of the biggest platforms in current era, exploring widely through different apps of like YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook and many more where people can exhibit their talent. Social media is a place where one can gain popularity and also earn wisely. The youth is especially one of the most dominant users of Social media.

Let’s meet one of the famous youtuber and influencer whose videos are gaining tremendous popularity-Saif Khan. Born and brought up in Haryana, he belongs to modest family and currently lives in Delhi. He completed his studies in 2014 and then further he did a diploma of teaching in 2016.

After completing his diploma degree, now he thought its right time to earn money. He came across one article in which he read that one can earn good source of income through posting videos on YouTube. He found it very interesting, so he also started posting videos on YouTube. But he did not feel it more compelling, then started searching more options where he did encounter a video of dream 11, which motivated him and gave a confidence that he can get success in this.

This was the turning point of Saif’s life. As he was already playing dream 11 from 2 years, with the help of his experience he can help in formatting the team. He uploaded his first video on 29 March 2017 of dream 11 cricket guru on his own channel on You tube Fantasy cricket guru. In his early days he was not having any subscribers but after 6months he got many viewers and subscribers after 2-3 years he started earning in lakhs. Saif achieved this success without any Godfather or any one’s support, by his own hard work, determination, passion, and consistency.

On one of the instances, he tweeted to famous srilankan cricketer shehan Jayasuriya about his availability for the next match, and the cricketer relied to him confirming his participation. He then passed on the news to his viewers and followers who then started to trust his resource and started to reply on his professional knowledge and insights. Today Saif Khan has gathered so much recognition for himself that he can contact any cricketer in the world through his contacts.

In addition to this many news channels, cricket gurus, anchors, commentators are waiting to connect and conduct a show with him.

Saif’s opines his knowledge, cricketing expertise on many other fantasy applications as well, whether it is My 11 circle or Real 11 or Playerzpot, his followers and viewers wait for his valuable insights so that they can formulate their own teams.

Saif charges a hefty sum of 2 lacs per video from My Circle 11 and also earns approx. 70k/day from each application as an affiliator which makes his total earning of 4 lacs/day. All this has propelled himself to buy a dream house and a dream car for himself and family.

We wish Saif Khan continues to influence millions around us and keeps motivating us to follows our dreams and accomplish it.

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