Meet Suhel Vats: The Man Who Has Revolutionized the Fitness and Wellness Industry in India

“The company came into existence which was a result of my savings,” said Suhel smilingly. “I observed that very few companies focused on health and wellness at that time. Looking at an increasing number of gym-goers, Big Muscles Nutrition made its mark with its authentic food supplements result oriented formulation. I feel elated that in a decade I have changed people’s mindset about the importance of good nutrition”, he said Apart from this, the entrepreneur also launched shrink packaging for its products, one of its kind
and the first among the few companies in this category.

The authenticity of the products gainers, amino acids, pre-workout and post-workout essentials and many more.

Moreover, Suhel’s foray into the fitness industry was a turning point in his life. It was his business acumen that did wonders for the young and dynamic entrepreneur. Getting into the fitness industry was a big challenge in his life. However, Vats took that risk, and the decision made by him changed his fortunes. The entrepreneur comes from an engineering background and has done his B.Tech. Being a bright student in college, Suhel at a very young age tapped the potential of fitness and wellness in India.

After working in a private tech company for around 2 years, Vats established his connections and gained immense knowledge by networking with businessmen. Understanding the scope of fitness in the country, Suhel after his extensive research brought Big Muscles Nutrition to life.

Matched international standards, and all the products of Big Muscles Nutrition are USFDA registered. With a major focus on quality, the repetitive value of the products increased, thus building a loyal customer base all over the country. Celebrated names like Sushil Kumar & Sahil Khan endorsing the products were like a cherry added on the cake.

The latest face of the supplement brand is Ranveer Singh who has been swearing by the products of Big Muscles Nutrition for its quality. With time, the company added a lot of variety like new flavors and products after understanding people’s requirements. The company which once started on a small scale has now managed to garner a turnover in crores. The estimated turnover of Big Muscles Nutrition is said to touch the magical figure of Rs 500Cr soon. Having achieved so much, Suhel Vats has unarguably created a brand which has disrupted the fitness and wellness industry with its quality products and still wishes to add his best towards the Indian fitness Industry. The fitness and wellness industry in India is growing at an unparalleled pace. People today are much more inclined towards achieving their fitness goals. With a dream and a vision to bring a change in India’s fitness industry, entrepreneur Suhel Vats set his footprints by establishing Big Muscles Nutrition. Founded in 2009, Big Muscles Nutrition is India’s leading food supplement brand offering a wide range of authentic products for seamless workouts.

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