Meet Young Serial Entrepreneur and Author Alexa Josh

Alexa Josh is a serial entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful businesses in the field of writing, marketing, designing, software and web development, and more. Writing has become her thing that she passionately engages in daily.

There are several reasons that push a personal to follow the path of entrepreneurship. Some people work on their passion as a hobby then it turns into a thriving business. For Josh, it had been the will to supply quality service and have an impression on people. On the one hand, an entrepreneur recognizes the actual fact that her creativity and leadership qualities don’t slot in 9-5 jobs. Her mind must be free and her hands must not be tied by the boss and her ideas. Josh is an entrepreneur, and she is mainly involved in the fintech and writing industry.

Based in the city of California, US, Josh studied Business Administration and Management, General, Computer Software Engineering, Designing, and (Author) Content Writing and graduated in 2016 at the University of Mumbai and University 0f California. She went to the University of Mumbai for a course in Software Engineering. Although she loved her work, from 20 age, Josh taught herself many media-related skills. She developed the most expertise in Graphic Designing (Adobe Photoshop and Illustration,) Software and Web Development, Marketing, Business Strategy, and Content Writing, a skillset that she used to create content for many influencers and high-end brands.

This young entrepreneur had to strive a lot to earn what she has right now. Hearing the people around him talking about how her hopes for the future were unrealistic gave him a boost of confidence; she needed to prove that anything is possible if one works hard to achieve it. She never requested any financial support from her family and started off from her own savings. Josh acts as a standard for all out there still finding ways to take their first step towards success. She has a talented mind behind her client’s growth in terms of their online presence across the world. Her efforts are towards increasing her clients and taking their business profile a notch higher by making it more popular through the digital medium. This helps businesses, companies and brands to attain more earning opportunities than ever before.

Josh aims to have a lasting impact. She wants to get the message through to her audience that age is just a number. One should be determined, no matter what people say. She plans on growing her brand alongside a new marketing agency she found.

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