Micro Influencers to Look out for in 2021

Social media is changing how we do business. It changes how we shop, how we communicate, and even provides a platform for outreach and education. A multi-faceted channel with so much to offer, many are finding that social media has become the launchpad to fulfilling careers. Users tend to follow people engaging in what matters most to them, and a handful of influencers are taking those kinds of dedicated followings seriously. As we track the progress social media stars are making, we’ve compiled this list of the ten influencers to look out for in 2021. In no particular order, these bloggers and influencers are taking the platform by storm a changing the way we look at content.

1​. Rainie Howard

R​ainie Howard @rainiehoward is an award-winning CEO, author, creative director, designer, and lifestyle strategist. The powerhouse behind Rainie Howard Enterprises, one of the largest e-commerce, publishing, and retails companies in the world, Rainie helps others evolve through lessons of love, wellness, and wealth consciousness. “I believe in truth and transparency online,” says Rainie. “When we own our stories, we can inspire others.” With her YouTube show’s viewership in the millions, Rainie empowers viewers with inspiring stories and messages.

2​. Susie Wright

S​tylist, blogger, and former Nordstrom buyer Susie Wright @susie.wright helps women navigate the world of online shopping with her passion for trends and helping others feel confident. “I love connecting with women and blogging,” states Susie. “I work with women by following trends and showing them how to style their favorite looks. It takes a little knowledge and confidence to shop online and know what you are looking for. That’s what I am here for!” Through her platform So Susie, Susie inspires women to look and feel their best.

3​. Jacqelyn Rhea

J​acqelyn Rhea @jacqelynrhea is your modern mom boss entrepreneur to the max! From college to social media Jacqelyn has done it all. Having built multiple businesses in the health and wellness industries alongside marketing and branding, Jacqelyn shows women it is possible to have it all. “At the end of the day, we all want the same thing,” explains Jacqelyn. “We all start at the bottom, and we can get to the top. I want to help everyone get to the top.” Whether it is keeping up with toddlers or trends, Jacqelyn does and shares it all.

4​. Kim Moh

Kim Moh @therealkimmoh is a Houston-based blogger, stylist, and CEO of Mohstylz.com. A mother of three who has over 16 years of experience in fashion and merchandising. Kim started her business to share her expertise with others who might be struggling with finding the right pieces for their body shape and or lifestyle. Understanding how fashion works, Kim is able to help take her client’s wardrobe to the next level.  “What you wear makes a huge difference not just on how you are perceived by others but more importantly, how you feel about yourself”.

says Kim. “My goal is to help build client’s self-esteem so they can walk into any room confidently .”

5​. Lindsay Attaway

A female empowerment coach and medicine woman, Lindsay Attaway @lindsayattaway, found her path teaching yoga, meditation, reiki, and functional nutrition. Serving her clients through the Divine You Method Lindsay focuses on health and wellness rooted in love and self-care. “I started influencing from a place of love allowing for my soul and spirit to guide the way,” states Lindsay. “Seeing my work make a difference is important to me, and I prioritize honesty and authenticity.” Having studied alongside Shamans in the jungles of Costa Rica and following Taita’s of the Columbian Tradition.  Her heart is aligned with Mother Nature. Always a student first and here to share her wisdom. Lindsay brings a dynamic and new approach to wellness.


6​. Ashley Jeans

Hailing from Nashville, TN, Ashley Jeans @moiralynnblog started her blog after becoming a stay-at-home mom. Sharing beauty, fashion, and home decor Ashley provides an honest look into her everyday life with her daughter. Showing her creative side through content, Ashley inspires moms to live life to the fullest despite the demands. “Influencing is about building a community of friends,” explains Ashley. “It’s about creating a space where we know we can turn to for inspiration and support.” Through advice on beauty products and trends, Ashley shares her zest for life with other moms and women looking to do the same.

7​. Melissa Wiggins

Melissa Wiggins @mummabearwiggins_ is a lawyer turned Master Certified Professional Coach empowering people to get curious about their lives! Helping them navigate the gaps between where they are and where they want to be, Melissa shares her expertise challenging the thought patterns that keep us stuck. “I love to walk my clients through the process of challenging their status quo,” says Melissa. “When we get curious about the decisions we make we build emotional resilience “…  Author, Keynote Speaker and founder of Cannonball Kids’ cancer a non-profit for children battling cancer, Melissa focuses on embracing life and makes sure to laugh everyday.

8​. Deven Fagan

F​rom skiing to fitness, surfing to film making at just 19 years old, Deven Fagan @devenfagan quite literally does it all. Hobbies are an integral part of a satisfying life, and Deven shares what lights his soul on fire while inspiring his followers to do the same. “I started sharing my skiing journey, and things just exploded from there,” states Deven. “I realized people are interested in communities built around their passions, and I expanded my account to include all my hobbies.” It takes tenacity to achieve one’s hopes and dreams, and Deven’s platform covers how and why to make it happen.

9​. Eliz Fulop Orban

E​Liz Fulop Orban @elizfulop is a skier, bodybuilder, business coach, and filmmaker who stepped into the influencing world when bodybuilding helped her turn her life around. Inspired to learn the truth about fitness, what it is capable of and how to share that with others, Eliz created a community where engagement is an open conversation. “We all have different struggles, and I wanted my platform to be a place where everyone is welcomed and inspired,” says Eliz. “Improvement is a journey, and I walk every step of the way with my followers.” From wellness to workouts, Eliz takes a comprehensive and well-rounded approach.

1​0. Andrea LeTard

Author of Andrea’s Cooktales: A Keepsake Cookbook Andrea LeTard @andreas_cooktales is a personal chef, cooking instructor, and blogger. Featured on the Cooking Channel, Today Show, and Master Chef season 6, Andrea shares a life inspired by culinary adventures and home products for a fun and beautiful life. A new mom who embraces the “French Way,” she is a self-taught chef who loves sharing her passion with others. “I am a teacher at heart who maintains a food-focused home,” explains Andrea. “Aesthetic living is a priority in my life, and I love expressing that through food and entertaining.” Culinary tips, techniques, and products Andrea offers it all.

With inspired, motivated, and goal-oriented living on everyone’s minds this year, these influencers walk you through what’s possible, making 2021 an exciting year ahead.

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