Milo McCloud and Paul Burnham the Founders of Paradox Group Bring Refreshing Skill set to Digital Advertising.

Backgrounds in design and finance make one agency truly unique

Understanding the complexities of the blockchain industry can be challenging for companies trying to gain clients. Acquiring more users requires strategic digital advertising campaigns. Many don’t know where to start on their own, nor do they have the time to figure it out. Founders of The Paradox Group, a digital advertising agency, saw a need to bridge this gap and are using their skills to help.

Founders Milo McCloud and Paul Burnham are not your average salesmen that you find in the marketing realm. The duo brings a unique range of skills, making their advertising approach stand out from the crowd. Creative Director and Co-Founder Milo McCloud has a background in both design and sales.

However, his sports background is what makes him a rare gem in this industry. He’s competed internationally for Great Britain in alpine skiing, and more recently has been focussing on aesthetic bodybuilding. A great eye for design, paired with a competitive streak, makes him a force to be reckoned with. This is someone who companies want on their team to make them win.

Finance Director and Co-Founder Paul Burnham also brings a background that includes more than just sales. As a finance guru, he’s worked in corporate roles with the likes of Toyota for twenty years. Paul has also successfully completed year 1 seed stage funding for an IPO, as well as built an established property portfolio. Companies are benefiting from his expertise in finance and launching their campaigns for growth.

A company is only as good as the people behind it. Equipped with knowledge of both design and finance, these two have all the bases covered.

Paradox puts customers first

Milo and Paul saw a need in the blockchain space for companies that wanted to grow and build brand awareness, but didn’t know where to start. Companies needed help creating buzz around their brands and publishers needed to build a consistent revenue stream of clients.

To bridge this gap between advertisers and publications, Paradox launched in 2019 as the answer for marketing and blockchain advertising. Their goal is to provide a smooth experience building brand awareness for their clients through ad campaigns. They specialise in FinTech, Blockchain and DeFiindustries. What sets Paradox apart is their dedication to customers.

“What separates us apart is we are a 24-7 customer centric agency, where client customer experience is number one. We have also been made the official advertising partners of many publications due to our consistent revenue and campaign management,” the founders said.

The company sees the value in forming good, long-term partnerships, and is working to bring clients more cost effectiveadvertising methods for the future.

The Future of Paradox

It’s no surprise that the company has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Paradox is set to expand into helping more companies within the next few years. They’re expanding the company into other digital advertising routes, and are going to be working with new industries to help them grow.

For more information on the Paradox Group, visit their website here.

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