Mohit Patel: The Journey of a Small Town Boy as a Digital Marketing Guru in a Fierce Market

Mohit Patel is a known leader and a man with great vision. Despite being so young and coming from a small place in Rajasthan, he always knew how and what he would work in his life. During his teens, he got inclined towards social media and went out of ofthe way to learn and explore about the various aspects of the same, which finally brought him into the digital marketing world. He soon started working as a digital marketer and later founded his own company called MP Media Promotions.

With his company, he started taking up different social media and digital marketing projects for various clients. As he was able to deliver good results, his client list went on increasing and he even started getting a good number of foreign clients, which speaks about his professionalism in his work. He helped many businesses become brands with his time tested and effective digital marketing company.  With his skills and experience, he is able to serve his clients the best. This has made him win more and more clients from different  business domains.

This has made him an inspiration in the place where he lives in Rajasthan. He is a social media influencer as well apart from being good in digital marketing. This makes him approach a number of people of his age group to seek his advice on their career paths and so on. He is incredible in his work and he is leaving no stone unturned to keep things moving smooth. He feels that every youth should learn about digital marketing as it can help empower them. Hence whenever he is free, he makes sure to guide and train people.

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