Mukundsinh Solanki and Yushank Tyagi of Safehack Me- Are Disrupting Cyber Security Industry

All of us have so many fantasies and wishes that we often dream of but there are only a few people amongst us that actually devotedly work in order to get their delusional dreams come true. Even though the world is full of possibilities and opportunities, finding the work that not only keeps you fascinated lifetime but also contributes in the goodwill and profits of the society is truly an exceptional case.

One such talented soul that has grabbed our attention today is Mukundsinh Solanki, he is a mid-aged entrepreneur who works not only as a cyber counselor but has single-handedly co-originated ‘Safehack Me’.

Mukund, on the whole, belongs from Nadiad, Gujarat and has pursued his dreams as a mechanical engineer student by enrolling into the B-Tech course. Mukund knew that he has the sense of expertise in the field of hacking and computers from the age of seventeen only. Who remarkably helped him in starting off his journey is his very close and trusted friend, Yushank Tyagi.

Later on his life, Mukund shifted to Wellington, New Zealand for carrying out his further studies and there elevated the part of his dreams, “Safehack Me”. Mukund was extremely engrossed and attracted towards the field of computer science, and that too towards the niche of cyber security. Mukund’s and Yushank’s hard work and struggle paid off when their beloved and well-structured company got finally launched.

Today also Mukund has not stopped learning and grasping things that make him one of a kind. Mukund came from a small town and because of his efforts and time; Safehack Me is doing amazingly great, growing, and glowing without even stopping at any point. Mukund is an inspiration for all of us because dreams are seen so that one day they come true.

One boy from a small town once saw a dream and now he is living the life on his terms doing exceptionally outstanding. Mukund has faith in learning and growing through all the thick and thin phases of the life. Not only has he made his fantasies come true but also provided opportunities for other people of the same niche as well.

Safehack Me has now started getting offers from other successful institutions and has noted over thirty different corporations. Mukund has been making these firms safe and secure from his experience, and we wish him to expand even more. We believe whether you think you can, or you think you cannot – you are absolutely right.

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