Why You Must Define Yourself to Find Success

Everyone has a brand. You, your spouse, your kid, your friends, everyone! You created your brand through advertising without spending any money. The truth is people perceive you by what they see you doing most of the time. Millennials have been branded as lazy texters living in their parent’s basement. Rappers have been branded as thugs, and I have branded myself as a promoter-marketer, author, speaker, salesman, social media driver and someone that is willing to work and grind and do whatever it takes. How have you branded yourself?

If you don’t know, you need to start figuring it out. You should be able to identify your brand with just three words that capture what you do most of the time. Think of people you really admire and you will find that you respect him or her for the thing they do the MOST. That is their brand.

Start making a list of who you are. It can be quite big because you are a person capable of many things. Here is a longer list I came up for myself as an example:

*World’s Top Sales Trainer

*Keynote Speaker

*Successful Entrepreneur

*Reality TV Star

*Military Supporter

*Real Estate Mogul




*Hecta Millionaire


*#1 Twitter Business Coach to Follow

*Innovative Show Host

*Best Selling Author

*Social Media Expert

*Executive Producer

*Leading Streamer

*#1 Forbes Marketer

*Top 10 Most Influential CEO

*Savvy Investor

*Fox News Contributor

*Mentor to Millions


Which of those do you most know me as?  I do lots of things, and different people may see me in different ways. Branding and advertising are a result of actions, not what you spend. Businesses and individuals have become far too reliant on spending to get attention and don’t how to simply build a brand with action.

Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines branding as, “the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer’s mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme.”

When you think about advertising, many people think about buying ads. The truth is advertising doesn’t always require you to spend money.

I advertise myself for free every day.

What is the brand you are creating today? How do people see you? Are you a show up early, stay late, do whatever it takes person? If not, why? Your brand is the most valuable asset you have and will determine your value in the marketplace.

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Be great,


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