New NFT on IMX focuses on helping save the Polar Bears

“Arctic Bearz” is an upcoming NFT project and community that has been developed as a way to help endangered animals.

The way a few sectors and industries have been on a constant rise is proof of the many innovative and new developments and technologies that the world has welcomed with open arms. In today’s day and age, many things have been making the headlines for reasons more than one, and it is more than essential to even talk about these developments as they are brought in through the rigorous efforts of many astute minds and professionals.

We couldn’t help but notice the rise of the Defi world and the increased adoption of NFTs and cryptocurrencies across the world, which took our attention towards a man named Zak, who founded his new NFT community in the form of “Arctic Bearz.” As a founder and product manager, he has placed his bets on the rising industry with Arctic Bearz and is confident of the growth the NFT will give him and his team in the coming times.

Today, the Defi world has earned massive momentum and recognition worldwide as more and more people are seen coming forward to dip their hands in the same and go ahead in receiving many returns and benefits out of them.

That is how Arctic Bearz was also created recently as a one-of-a-kind NFT collection developed with the aim to help endangered animals as well as the crypto wallets of people who decide to invest in the same. Arctic Bearz’s team has already announced its countdown to pre-sale, where they will be minting 3500 Arctic Bearz soon.

The Arctic Bearz collection is unique; this is what people are already seen talking about as it has shown great compassion to save the planet while highlighting the topic of climate change, apart from making people more aware of how essential it is to save the endangered species, starting with Polar Bears. Also, the artists behind this NFT have shown what they truly possess as professionals with creating these unique Arctic Bearz.

Thinking about what has made Arctic Bearz create more noise already in the NFT markets, even before its launch on Immutable X? Well, there are multiple reasons, but the genuine intent with which this particular NFT has been created proves the genuine vision of the team behind Arctic Bearz.

By encouraging people to save the Arctic, they will soon be minting 3500 unique Arctic Bearz with 0.1 presale mint price and 0.3 mint price which are subject to change at a later stage.

Another reason that has helped Arctic Bearz turn more heads is that they plan to donate portions of their revenue towards sponsoring as well as adopting vulnerable Polar Bears with the first 100 Arctic Bearz holders receiving an adoption pack for a Polar Bear.

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