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People these days enjoy a wide range of music genres but they also like to read about various rappers, their posts and other different content related to rap music. After all, who would not like to know about the different rappers whose music they enjoy on a regular basis? Moreover, almost every popular rappee follows OGM posts! How amazing is that? Getting to know your favourite artist is now easy with OGM.

Rappers like Swae Lee, Young Thug, NAV, Migos, etc are known to share OGM posts quite often. The fans love this and enjoy every bit of it. It is basically a go-to place for hip hop content, known for their accuracy in the provided information and the entertaining informative works that they put forward. It can be read by a wide range of people, with almost no restrictions because of the readability. No more struggling with Quora answers, trying to find about your favorite rapper. Your life is pretty sorted with OGM posts!

OGM is currently being lead by one of the best teams, who are motivated by music and the passion for creating amazing content. Ivan Parra, and Miguel Sarabia are steering this page in the right direction. For most parts, the Rap Artists love the fact that OGM highlights the positive aspects about them as well as their career and not about their downfalls. Obviously, one cannot deny that every person must go through challenging situations but bringing up such things is no good, neither for the reader nor for the rapper.

Spreading positivity and spreading accurate detailed information about popular rap artists is the main goal, but the focus remains on:

  • Highlighting the key features of a rapper, his achievements and suggesting some of their music that the reader could vibe to
  • Creating attractive content so that the reader keeps coming back to the blog

This unique vantage point around music and culture has brought OGM into a new endeavor, now creating their own original content. Here you will find Hakeem Rowe, the Host of OGM who was formerly with No Jumper, highlighting the underground hip-hop scene to capture artists on the rise as well as major hip-hop names.

Some recent interviews have been with artists such as SoFaygo, Ken Carson, SSG Kobe, Mario Judah, Mozzy, Kid Laroi, and many more. Many of these interviews have received such a great response that they have gone viral on social media. In addition to the interviews, OGM is also creating behind-the-scenes vlogs at some of the hottest shows, parties, and festivals. 
 Hakeem Rowe (Host): https://www.instagram.com/ayohakeem/

Currently, OGM has more than 500k followers, pushing out engaging and most demanded content regularly. Obsessed with the rapper that you have come across recently? Know all about them from OGM, follow them today, you won’t regret it!

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