Ohio-Native Roxé Serenades the World with Gospel Hip Hop

“I see it as a privilege and an honor that I help people feel God’s love and anointing through my melodies and lyrics.” These were the words of Roxé when asked about his greatest accomplishment as an artist. Roxé is an emerging talent hailing from West Chester, Ohio. Having been surrounded by musicians and performers in the family growing up, Roxé cultivated his interest in the same industry as well. He started performing at an early age of 7 and decided to take music seriously thereafter.

Roxé attended Full Sail University where he sharpened his skills to a professional level. “Full Sail was instrumental in training and providing the tools that I use to record. When I recorded my first song using state of the art tools, everything took off from there”, Roxé shared.

Coming from his experience in music, he released “Jesus Kingdom Of Love”. This song goes under a new subgenre of music called Gospel Hip Hop – a combination of hip hop and gospel music. Upon writing this song, Roxé claims that he was “anointed by the spirit and he was to embark upon a global mantle God meant for him to carry”.

He expressed how honored and privileged he feels when people sing the lyrics and dance to the melodies of his songs, especially when he goes on tours and shows. Roxé considers this as his greatest accomplishment as an artist along with his creation of NHNV clothing line.

The “No Hate No Violence” movement is an advocacy that Roxé started. With this, sprung the NHNV clothing line. He used this as a platform to further spread the Christian message in the form of art.

The table is hot for Roxé and his fans definitely have something to look forward to. Roxé will soon be releasing the album he’s been working hard on called “Adios”. It is a song about relationships breaking up but what makes it “hit” different is he added his signature touch to it.

He made the song about God and how “even in rough times, you can still thank God through what he’s blessed you with regardless if your significant other breaks your heart”. This, among many other records under his belt, surely is something that’s going to be worth the wait.

A young, versatile, and talented artist like Roxé will definitely have a bigger space in the industry. Who knows, we might actually be seeing him do a collaboration with Justin Bieber, someone who he really wants to work with. It’s very possible for a promising artist like him to conquer the bigger dome. Truly, we can’t wait to see Roxé make headlines.

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Check out JESUS (Kingdom Of Love) here.


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