One Luxury Wants to Provide High Standard Services for People Who Are Travel Enthusiasts

One Luxury promises to make the travel experience adventurous and fun for people. DOMENICA GRACI is the founder and CEO of the company in Germany’s Cologne city. In the coming months, she wants her company to grow more and more and make people’s journey happier and more pleasant.

When asked to describe One Luxury in the simplest words, DOMENICA GRACI said, “We are a high-quality provider in the area of travel and events for a specific client group with the highest quality standards and which requires individual solutions. The client is the center of our doing – we care about each ONE and every detail and turn the impossible to reality.”

A lot of people crave the comfort of home even when are holidaying far away. So how does One Luxury make sure people experience both – the richness, luxury & homely feeling with their services? DOMENICA GRACI answered, “Our conviction is: the home is where you want to be, but not need to be. It is a free choice where to reside, to eat, what to dress, and which adventures you’d like to experience. Our deepest desire is based on our personality and this is exactly what we focus on. Personal preferences are obtained beforehand so that experience is customized and seamless.”

Founders DOMENICA & DANIELA GRACI want to expand One Luxury with time. They aim to reach greater heights with their company and make more and more people aware of what the company provides. “One Luxury wants to establish as the go-to address in the German-speaking area for clients with high-quality standards and who value discretion as a principle. Hence, we definitively want to expand organically in order to ensure the maximum standard is delivered to each ONE of our clients, said DANIELA GRACI who runs the Switzerland’s business.

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