One Tough Cookie

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Bennett Maxwell is the founder of Dirty Dough Cookies, which surprises its customers with unique and show-stopping cookies, varying from numerous different flavor combinations, pairings and concepts. Staying true to its moniker, ‘It’s What’s Inside That Counts’, Dirty Dough Cookies jam-packs its cookies with gooey fillings at their core. In fact, each month, the company allows for ‘fan favorites’ to be voted on in introducing new cookies into rotation.

The company is a brand with a purpose and is bound to experience exponential growth in 2022 with plans to launch 52 more franchise locations, in just three months, across 13-different states.

“Businesses should be driven, first and foremost, by a higher purpose,” Maxwell said. “I love Dirty Dough because it’s perfect for showcasing that life isn’t perfect. It’s okay to not be okay, life gets Dirty, and it’s most definitely okay to have a cookie once in a while!”

Although Maxwell’s professional career did not begin in cookies, he has extensive experience, having sold cookie dough in high school to raise the fees to join his rugby and wrestling teams. His past positions include working in residential solar system sales, pest control and smart home systems and installations. Along with his brother, in 2020, he cofounded Switch to Solar, a sustainable energy company which has generated millions of dollars in sales to date.

After just 18 months in operation, the brothers sold Switch to Solar for profit and that is when Maxwell purchased Dirty Dough Cookies in January of 2021.

The culmination of his efforts led to 50 locations popping up in just four months, beginning in December of 2021.

Leadership and Guidance

Bennett was recently invited to the Forbes Leadership Council for contributions to local communities. His company believes in giving back and does so by donating proceeds of sales to benefit mental health education and initatives, as well as suicide prevention among young adults and teenagers.

“There is an unfortunate correlation between social media and self-harm, which has only increased since the rise of social platforms,” said Bennett. “People tend to often compare themselves and target their imperfections or flaws because of what is portrayed on social media. Dirty Dough has the potential to be the solution in helping reducing suicides.”

His company recently launched a non-profit campaign that will pair the Dirty Dough Cookie corporate office with individual franchisers, as well as the cities they are located in, to raise money to go toward erecting wellness rooms at local schools.

These will allow students a space to be able to both think and talk about their own respective mental health. Additionally, Dirty Dough Cookie will help local schools in providing them with resources, program structure and how to build and maintain the program for their students.

“Nobody can be you but you. The name Dirty Dough refers to the inside of the cookie being ‘dirty’ with more goodies and fillings than any other cookie,” Maxwell stated. “A Dirty Dough cookie is messy and imperfect, exactly how it was meant to be. Our cookies embody our life motto: ‘It’s What’s Inside that Counts’.”

About Bennett Maxwell

Bennett Maxwell, Founder of Dirty Dough Cookies, started selling franchises in December 2021 and, in the first 3 months, has built franchises in 13 states. Passionate about building purpose-driven companies, Bennett believes businesses should be driven first and foremost by a higher purpose. He saw the potential of Dirty Dough to show others that life isn’t always clean and perfect. Sometimes it is Dirty and imperfect. Find out more about impacting lives with Dirty Dough Cookies at 

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