Print Media Comes to Life: GeN3 Magazine Launches, Telling the Story of Web3 with Interactive Features


Print is dead. Or is it? Last year, No.3 Media decided it was time to bring print back to life, and they wanted to use blockchain to do it. Mark, the founder of No.3, teamed up with Patrick from Agami Co., Sarah at TokenPr, and a host of other advisors to bring print to the era of Web3. This weekend web3 insiders got the first sneak peak of the premier issue at the CryptosRUs party in Las Vegas. Many attendees of the event were also featured in the magazine including Brian D. Evans, George Tung, Jett Tang, executive producer of The Next Crypto Gem, Flux, Rick Dugdale, and more. The event was a who’s who in crypto and the first issue was received with rave reviews. 

While the focus always was and is, a medium to tell the story of Web3, the original concept has become a blockchain beast. The first issue will feature well-known brands like Animoca’s Mocaverse, Club3, Gala Games, and Vulcan Forged. With a focus on content with long term relevance to the crypto cultural movement, GeN3 Magazine aims to serve more or less as a time capsule of the technology as it evolves. 

Each issue will feature traditional and digital artists using emerging technologies to engage the community with their work, Lifestyle pieces on crypto clubs or destinations, industry changes that are taking place, and professional advice for those working or interested in the Web3 world.  New technologies that have long-lasting potential for positive change will be another crucial focus. 

For the first cover, we chose Brian D. Evans of His networking abilities have landed him in several unique positions in the Web3 world. Brian D. Evans not only serves as an advisor on multiple projects, but he also is a regular keynote speaker at conferences, a judge on The Next Crypto Gem TV series, and an active player in the NFT and crypto communities. 

Many have pointed out that print media cannot keep up with digital news with the fast pace that the market changes and technology advances. GeN3 Magazine is not building itself up to be another breaking news crypto site. While the brand will expand into GeN3 Media with more digital options available, the revolution that is taking place in finance, decentralization, and blockchain technology is world changing and deserves to be documented and encapsulated for all to witness. What better way to share the movement and help the rest of the world catch on, than to return to the familiar and trusted feel of print. 

But this won’t be the magazine of the 90’s we all remember. In order to tell the story of Web3, people need to experience the power of it. GeN3 magazine will showcase multiple interactive features that will be expanded upon with each issue. The first issue features secure QR code technology from Flowcode throughout the issue that allows users to move from physical print to digital content from their mobile phones. Looking ahead to Issue 2, the magazine will feature Agami Co’s NFC chip technology embedded in each copy.  Not only does the chip verify the authenticity of the magazine with a simple scan of a smartphone, it has the ability to unlock multiple features and benefits for magazine holders. As the magazine takes root, holders will eventually get exclusive access to partner brands and discounts, first launches, whitelists, and more. 

One of the highlights of issue 1 of GeN3 magazine is the 40 under 40 list highlighting Web3 leaders and innovators. This first list was carefully curated behind the scenes to highlight the talent in the industry, and show a wide selection of individuals working to move the space forward. Developers, artists, influencers, advisors, investors, executives, and more populate the list to provide the public with a snapshot of the breadth of Web3. 

A host of new advisors and investors have joined up since the project first started. Oliver Blakey from Ascensive Assets, George Tung from CryptosRus, and Fund Manager Sami Rusani have all come on board to bring the story of Web3 to life. With a dedicated and well known team of advisors ready to see this project through, GeN3 Magazine is well situated to become Web3’s premier magazine. 

Most of the population of the world does not understand what is taking place in the world of crypto. Mainstream media highlights scam and fraud as the main narrative of Web3 and ‘magic internet money’ is still the bulk of their understanding. This is a space many could get behind, if only they understood it. GeN3 is on a mission to change that narrative and share the intricate world of innovation and ownership. By offering a visual and easy to digest print Magazine, the goal is to not only help the world understand Web3, but get excited about it. 

The glossy, perfect bound issue will have a limited print run with an exclusive number of collectible versions of the magazine available to the public. Interested readers can put their name on the list at and will then be one of the first to be notified when the option to purchase an issue goes live. Visit their twitter @number3mag to stay on top of all the latest updates. 


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